Sunday, June 12, 2011

A Warm Afternoon

Blinded by the light I sit on the porch
Whilst the soft notes of the melody keeps playing
The slight rustle in the leaves keeps me thinking
Will there be an end to this waiting?

The uncomfortable warmth of the noon
Sears the skin like a harpoon
I long to see the sun go down
and to erase the mindless frown

As, the time goes by so slowly
I reflect upon life ever so humbly
I wait for the night to come by,

accompanied by the cool breeze
wafting along like the music with ease
and keeping the mind at peace.


baba said...

Good one Putta. Why cann't
you wirte periodically ?
Wish you to keep your mind
at peace and enjoy the life


Metallove said...

Broey Good One...


Post more often ma dear....

Ashwini said...

I was reading all my poems and then came to your blog and read this again. And you know what, our poetry style is ontara similar. Yay :)

Chandrakanth Bairy said...

Hot and boring afternoon made you write this? Nice :)

Chandrakanth Bairy said...

Hot and boring afternoons made you write this :) Good :)