Monday, May 13, 2013

A Glance Back

Every time I look in the mirror
Bygones become a tiny bit clearer
Emotions that were sad and bitter
And the ones that shone aglitter

Times may not be that was dreamt about
Light has been cast on those hovering doubts
Life has meandered on a different route
With abundance of joy throughout

A sense of bliss lingers around
Unabashed and not weighed down
Time goes by as they always say
Through darkness and crest falls
Light always shall find a way!!!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Live a little

Wisps of listless and silence,
hangs heavily in the air
Hushed even among friends,
time, mocks at you with a prolonged stare.
Wistfulness in every pulse blares.
A voice which still says
live a little, just a little.

-Small inspiration from this wonderful song.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

It's a beautiful day

Through the clouds pierced a ray
Thoughts that had gone astray
Seems to concur on a tray
Bygones be cast away
Like clouds of grey
Scatter to make way
It's a beautiful day

A perfect rain drop
That saunters down from atop
The first drop of rain
Alters the life, mundane
Sparks a pulse through the vein
Keeping the mind quite sane
It surely is a beautiful day

Friday, April 13, 2012

A dedication

Time, for none it stopped still
Life, kept rewritten by a quill
Often re-iterated like a synchronized drill

Forget not those who were dear
Those extended hands were very near,
Who were able to look past your queer

Thankful be to those blessed souls
Without whom life would be but holes
Dedicated to one and all, these lines on scrolls

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Memories of a lifetime

A thousand words said,
And a thousand unsaid
A million thoughts go unread
Only a few memories stay embed

The sands of time that never cease to trickle
Layering up a mind ever so fickle
Standing out moments priced well beyond a nickle
Reminiscences that tend to render the heart a tickle

A memory that speaks a thousand words
Yet some pass by absolutely unheard
And there are some that are meant to be stirred
Try as you can, they are not meant to be reword.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Who knows???

Off late been listening to a few kannada songs. One particular song that really got my attention was this song called yavanig gothu ( literal translation - Who knows? ). I was blown away by the lyrics of song. I mean Mr. Yograj Bhat has shown such brilliance in coming up with this song, it just left me flabbergasted. Here is how the song goes.

Naane jeeniyassa Hrudaya Siriselathidababa ( Am I a genius or a heart, some reference to Siri and baba. ) { I am pretty bad at this :P }
Abcd Na aalu geddena ( am I a ABCD..or a potato ) { how could he give a link from an American Born Confused Desi to a potato?? }
Gode Hallina..yavanig gothu? ( Wall sticking lizard....who knows? ) { Really of all the animals in the world you choose to make a reference to a lizard!!!..Guess the lizard family owes you one for bringing them into the lime light }
Yenu maadodhu Onti hoovondhu ( What to do lonely flower one )
Roadali Sikthu Roadalli sikthu ( found on the road, found on the road )
Yenu Helodhu intha time alli ( what to tell in such time )
Yavanig gothu yavanig gothu ( who knows who knows ) { probably the only 4 sane lines of the song i think }
Yedhe Emba khali Dabbakke ondhu ( heart like empty box one )
Sanna Kallu biddangayitu ( small stone hitting the afore-mentioned box )
Dabba yaathakke sound maadodhu ( why box makes sound? ) { really???..self sustaining sound producing boxes in a song....what metaphor I must say }
Yaavanig gothu yaavanig gothu ( who knows who knows )

Ivalu sigthala kai kodathala ( will i get her, will she give hand )
yaavanig gothu yaavanig gothu ( who knows who knows )

Adhu yaavdho onti hakki saddanna ( some lonely bird's sound )
Keluttha malakondidde madhyana ( was listening to and sleeping in the afternoon ) 
Kaal kg preethigondhu padyana ( for 250 grams love one poem ) { damn love has a measuring unit now }
baredhittu keredhukonde gaddana ( wrote it and scratched my beard ) { what a herculean effort i say...i wonder what the other sane poets/lyricists do after writing...doubt they go around scratching beards and other inappropriate/appropriate places }

Kaalidhasa kavya nammappanna kelri ( ask my dad about Kalidasa's poetry ) { poor guy man..i dont think any dad would want to listen to anymore poetry after listening to this }
Khali haalegintha olle kavya ilri ( no poetry is better than an empty paper ) { really profound!! }
Hrudhayadha Mele High Heeldu Haaki ( on top of my heart wearing high heels )
Raja Kumari Ninthangaithu ( felt like a princess is standing ) { what else would you want your heart to bear?? )
Intha Time Alli Haadu Bekiththa ( At this time was there a need for a song ) { Pretty sure not with such lyrics!!! }
Yaavanig Gothu Yaavanig Gothu ( who knows who knows )

Devadasanu Yenne Bittidhna ( Did devadas leave alcohol? ) { why does everyone bring that poor chap into everything }
Yaavanig Gothu Yaavanig Gothu ( who knows who knows )

Kanasalli Yaako Yaavdhu Saalalla ( nothing is enough even in dreams )
Modaana Mudhu Maadokaagalla ( you cannot love a cloud ) { Demented!!! what were you even thinking when you wrote this line!!!}
Chittege Chaddi Haakokaglilla ( You cannot make a butterfly wear shorts ) { This is the icing of the entire song...even the best Lepidopterists would not have ever ever thought about doing that. What a ground breaking research this could turn out to be!!! }
Nimge Gothalva Nanu Muththala ( You only know that I am a fool ) { Going by the lyrics of the song I dont think this was a necessary conclusion to be added. Would have been pretty obvious I guess }
Maththe Maththe Banthu Yedheyallondhu Lahari ( Repeatedly came from heart one wave ) { how can one wave come out repeatedly...From where to where the lyrics of this song goes!!! }
Thumba Olle Kannada Maathaadi Bitte Kanri ( Spoken off very good Kannada ) { Yeah right!!!}
Moogu Bottaagi Huttidhre Nanu ( If i had been born as a nose ring )
Ivala Moothile Irabahudhithu ( Would have stayed on her face ) { No comments!!! }

Nanna Aasegu Meaning Irabahudha ( Can there be a meaning to my desires? ){ what more would he want...such deep profound lyrics in a song...why would you go searching for a meaning }
Yaavanig Gothu Yaavanig Gothu ( who knows who knows )
Mundhe Yelladhru Thindi Sigabahudha ( In future will there be food?? ) { I think this was the line the hit the nail on the head }
Yaavanig Gothu Yaavanig Gothu ( who knows who knows )

Cannot say this is an amazing composition lyrically, but the music makes the song look good. And the worst part is I somehow like this song quite a bit. So why did I take the trouble of writing this?........Yavanig gothu????

Monday, October 24, 2011

Nobody's Fool

Take a step behind
Away from all the grind
Resign from doing the inclined
See that you are but, blind
Understand that you are nobody's fool

You feel what you have to feel
Why care, if to some it does not appeal
Life in itself is a big ordeal
Greet it with a zeal of steel
Because you ought to know that you are nobody's fool