Friday, November 11, 2011

Who knows???

Off late been listening to a few kannada songs. One particular song that really got my attention was this song called yavanig gothu ( literal translation - Who knows? ). I was blown away by the lyrics of song. I mean Mr. Yograj Bhat has shown such brilliance in coming up with this song, it just left me flabbergasted. Here is how the song goes.

Naane jeeniyassa Hrudaya Siriselathidababa ( Am I a genius or a heart, some reference to Siri and baba. ) { I am pretty bad at this :P }
Abcd Na aalu geddena ( am I a ABCD..or a potato ) { how could he give a link from an American Born Confused Desi to a potato?? }
Gode Hallina..yavanig gothu? ( Wall sticking lizard....who knows? ) { Really of all the animals in the world you choose to make a reference to a lizard!!!..Guess the lizard family owes you one for bringing them into the lime light }
Yenu maadodhu Onti hoovondhu ( What to do lonely flower one )
Roadali Sikthu Roadalli sikthu ( found on the road, found on the road )
Yenu Helodhu intha time alli ( what to tell in such time )
Yavanig gothu yavanig gothu ( who knows who knows ) { probably the only 4 sane lines of the song i think }
Yedhe Emba khali Dabbakke ondhu ( heart like empty box one )
Sanna Kallu biddangayitu ( small stone hitting the afore-mentioned box )
Dabba yaathakke sound maadodhu ( why box makes sound? ) { really???..self sustaining sound producing boxes in a song....what metaphor I must say }
Yaavanig gothu yaavanig gothu ( who knows who knows )

Ivalu sigthala kai kodathala ( will i get her, will she give hand )
yaavanig gothu yaavanig gothu ( who knows who knows )

Adhu yaavdho onti hakki saddanna ( some lonely bird's sound )
Keluttha malakondidde madhyana ( was listening to and sleeping in the afternoon ) 
Kaal kg preethigondhu padyana ( for 250 grams love one poem ) { damn love has a measuring unit now }
baredhittu keredhukonde gaddana ( wrote it and scratched my beard ) { what a herculean effort i say...i wonder what the other sane poets/lyricists do after writing...doubt they go around scratching beards and other inappropriate/appropriate places }

Kaalidhasa kavya nammappanna kelri ( ask my dad about Kalidasa's poetry ) { poor guy man..i dont think any dad would want to listen to anymore poetry after listening to this }
Khali haalegintha olle kavya ilri ( no poetry is better than an empty paper ) { really profound!! }
Hrudhayadha Mele High Heeldu Haaki ( on top of my heart wearing high heels )
Raja Kumari Ninthangaithu ( felt like a princess is standing ) { what else would you want your heart to bear?? )
Intha Time Alli Haadu Bekiththa ( At this time was there a need for a song ) { Pretty sure not with such lyrics!!! }
Yaavanig Gothu Yaavanig Gothu ( who knows who knows )

Devadasanu Yenne Bittidhna ( Did devadas leave alcohol? ) { why does everyone bring that poor chap into everything }
Yaavanig Gothu Yaavanig Gothu ( who knows who knows )

Kanasalli Yaako Yaavdhu Saalalla ( nothing is enough even in dreams )
Modaana Mudhu Maadokaagalla ( you cannot love a cloud ) { Demented!!! what were you even thinking when you wrote this line!!!}
Chittege Chaddi Haakokaglilla ( You cannot make a butterfly wear shorts ) { This is the icing of the entire song...even the best Lepidopterists would not have ever ever thought about doing that. What a ground breaking research this could turn out to be!!! }
Nimge Gothalva Nanu Muththala ( You only know that I am a fool ) { Going by the lyrics of the song I dont think this was a necessary conclusion to be added. Would have been pretty obvious I guess }
Maththe Maththe Banthu Yedheyallondhu Lahari ( Repeatedly came from heart one wave ) { how can one wave come out repeatedly...From where to where the lyrics of this song goes!!! }
Thumba Olle Kannada Maathaadi Bitte Kanri ( Spoken off very good Kannada ) { Yeah right!!!}
Moogu Bottaagi Huttidhre Nanu ( If i had been born as a nose ring )
Ivala Moothile Irabahudhithu ( Would have stayed on her face ) { No comments!!! }

Nanna Aasegu Meaning Irabahudha ( Can there be a meaning to my desires? ){ what more would he want...such deep profound lyrics in a song...why would you go searching for a meaning }
Yaavanig Gothu Yaavanig Gothu ( who knows who knows )
Mundhe Yelladhru Thindi Sigabahudha ( In future will there be food?? ) { I think this was the line the hit the nail on the head }
Yaavanig Gothu Yaavanig Gothu ( who knows who knows )

Cannot say this is an amazing composition lyrically, but the music makes the song look good. And the worst part is I somehow like this song quite a bit. So why did I take the trouble of writing this?........Yavanig gothu????


Chandrakanth Bairy said...

Today I was listening to this song carefully in the bus. Ivlu sigtaala, kai kodtaala. Yavanig gottu :D :D :D

Munde elladru tindi sigbahuda..yavanig gottu...
I guess the protagonist would be moving on a bike in a highway ;)

Karthik[:)] said... nodu...inna maja ide
Power star video :P