Friday, October 1, 2010


Is it not a mystery
the working of a curious mind
which never ceases to wander
Is it not a wonder
how the mind thinks yonder
Trust it to make time squander

The mind alone knows
what goes on within itself
Gives you happiness in abundance
but clings on to the sorrows as well

Makes you dream with open eyes
sometimes which none can surmise
Takes you on a high so high
makes you feel like you can fly

Even as you blink
and even as I ink
it never ceases to think.


Ashwini said...

We must control the mind,and not the other way around. I never believed in this earlier, but I am now beginning to. So much more easily said than done, though!!

Karthik[:)] said...

Hun kane
the exact words that my mum says :P
but yeah its easier said than done :D

Sowmya said...

Our control over mind or vice versa is a process which can be influenced only to a certain extent. I totally agree that efforts shouldn't be ceased, yet it makes sense in being realistic. Loved the you put it down, esp the lines "Takes you on a high so high" :D. Keep it gng !!

AntharangadaMaathugalu said...

Hi kanna..

"Even as you blink
and even as I ink
it never ceases to think". Beautiful lines.... and absolute truth..
Very good.... liked and enjoyed reading... Would love to read your thoughts more often. Keep writing....