Friday, June 25, 2010

Useless Observations

P.S ( Pre-script ) - Might start of to be a little high funda kind of a post, but ends up as a silly rambling from my end. So this is a fore-warning to not waste time by reading this.

As I kept staring at this editor for what seemed like an eternity, there was not a single substantial topic in mind which I could pen down. Recollecting my past few weeks I realized that I have had a few topics to write here and there but none were good enough to actually write something about. In the end this was pretty much what I could come up with to publish / post.
I am sure there are many people who have wondered about their appearance to the outside world. There is a certain effect or an aura that reflects from every individual that we come across in life. These are some of the very insignificant details that most of us fail to notice. Be it the extremely hearty and cheerful attitude a receptionist having to go through the same routine day after day or be it the grumpy reflections of the overworking software engineer whose never-ending lines of codes end up rare and 'unknown' errors that nobody can debug. 
Let me not be too high funda with this and digress from the main reason why I started with this post. I do not know how much of this holds good, but the main intention of writing this post was to put forth my observation. There are a few things really buzzing around in my head like a disoriented bee trying to find its way out of a closed box. One of the things thats in my head is that does it really matter how people around you feel or think? As in should you give a crap as to what effect your actions have on the others?  Or is it just that only the sensitive people seem to catch on to this crazy thing, while others do not give a rat's ass.
I just seem to wonder how some times the silliest of matters seems to tick you off. I have started noticing that people eat with their mouths open or make some sort of noise while chewing on their food. It is said that its quite in-appropriate to chew with one's mouth open or to talk with food in mouth. But is it really wise spread and followed by all? Generally I would not give this too much of a thought, but suddenly I started wondering if I do the same thing and the others think in the same direction. 
Everyone is not perfect, I know all that 'blah blah blah' kind of statements that people come up with when such things are pointed out. But talking with food in mouth, drinking with a slurping sound and chewing with mouth open counts as being an etiquette fail. These things sound funny and can be passed of as stupidity till a certain age. But beyond that it just sounds plain disgusting. The worst part is that its stupid to even point such things out. I wonder if I put forth such an image to the outside world. Well I may have my own shortcomings which I have not realized it just yet. But I do hope that at some point of time I reach a position where I can actually manage to say 'It is quite difficult to improve upon Perfection' ( stolen dialog from Dil Chahta Hai movie ) , and actually mean it.

Note: This was just an observation on what might be a silly thing, which lead to writing a silly post on a silly issue.


AntharangadaMaathugalu said...

I found the observations to be really useful.... There is no end for learning and yes.. u r right... we should never be disgusting to others..... Good thought...

Sowmya said...

I believe its human nature to be conscious of what the world thinks about though the level to which we care varies from person to person. Things which are considered etiquette are sometimes debatable yet we follow coz we do care about what others think of us. Not a silly post, it was a nice read.