Monday, December 28, 2009

Happenings Lately

Noticed how my blog posts have diminished lately?
I know nothing new to that. But this time the cause for being so inattentive towards my blog is not because of laziness. It has more to do with 2/7ths of my wishlist coming true. I was feeling a little too happy with the way things have gone this semester, so I decided to give myself a PS3. It has been merely a week since the arrival of the beautiful gaming console. It has become such a big addiction now. Days and nights seem to be just amalgamate into this blur where I find myself glued to the television with the controller in hand, smashing these millions of weird looking demons. Gives me a strange kind of high. So much so, that I have almost stopped playing counter strike now, and I have practically neglected my laptop.

Funny how time seems to just race past you when you are doing something that you like. The semester is over and the holidays have started. I am back at doing what many of us like to do. I now laze around the entire day spending time extravagantly as though I have inherited millions of units of it. As stated above the days and nights just merge into this weird blur. Half the time is gone with the playstation. The remaining half goes in sleeping. I am trying quite hard to rid myself of this habit of sleeping at 4 in the morning and waking up at 2 in the afternoon. It so happened that I managed to sleep the entire day once. I ended up asking my roomie where the day had gone off to?
That felt really weird. One entire day gone within the blink of an eye. Anyways, somewhere in this extremely busy schedule of mine I do manage to work. I get paid for doing some work that my professor asks me to. So fortunately the holidays is not jam packed with the brutal killing of time. I manage to do something constructive after all.

The new year is fast approaching and a whole pack of my friends have headed back home. I know the feeling is just insanely incredible to be back home for the vacations. I sometimes wish I could have headed back home. Well, as the saying goes everything has a price tagged to it. For my wishlist to come true I had to work which continues through the winter break so no complaints. Coming back to the new year, I still do not know what I would be doing. There are plans of heading off on a road trip, or just cool our heels sitting at home. It is always last minute.

I have to mention this here. I attended 'Service' in a Church where our American Family go, for Christmas. It was a rather new experience. The way of praying here is so completely different from how we do it. The family is so sweet that they had us over for dinner. Well they eat at 5 in the evening and call that dinner. After the dinner they took us to their church and finally we went back to their house to finish of the day with some amazing deserts. It was really cool and sweet of them to involve us in their celebrations and rituals. They even ended up giving us presents. They day had a real crazy ending. Me and my friends ended up playing monopoly the entire night. Weird sort of a way to celebrate Christmas.

Well that is what is happening lately. I hope I manage to come up with more posts in the near future, something more meaningful rather than mindless ramblings and day to day stuff. Adios till then.

Monday, December 7, 2009

My Current Wishlist!!!!

One of my very close friend recently purchased a Sony PS3 and I was really blown away by it. I just did a little digging recently and came up with a few games that I would definitely want to get my hands on. So my wishlist for the time being is:
  1. I need to get a PS3 first ;-)
  2. A proper video output device to go with the PS3 :-D
  3. Prototype
  4. God of War
  5. Uncharted 2
  6. COD MW 2 and
  7. Assassins Creed 2

I want, I want, I want, I want and I want!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Milestone

Finally its the 50th post for my blog. Pondering about what I have written for the 49 posts preceding this one I kept thinking that to mark this grand post I should probably come up with something really really special. Something on the lines of a poem. But then I guess it was a little too much to ask for from my grey cells. Hence sticking to the usual posting of some random nonsense and bullshit.
Life in itself has come so far. I cannot believe that I have spent a staggering 8738 days so far. Sounds a little insignificant, but it is invariably a large number. Out of which I am sure I would have spent half the time in sleep. So effectively my time on this planet would be 4369 days, of which I do not recollect about lets say 2369 days ( for easier rounding off ). So that leaves me with roughly 2000 days. I digress as I always do. Thats not the basic point that I am trying to make.
Sometimes there are moments in life which just hits you in your face which makes you realize that time has really passed. It makes you feel so old, as though you have experienced so much of life. On the other hand some situations make you feel so nascent, stupid and so inexperienced. The journey so far has been a roller coaster ride. Looking back I can say that I have met a lot of people, made new friends, pissed off many ( bound to happen ) etc etc. I just wanted to take time off and say thank you to all those wonderful people in my life who have made a big difference ( even the small one ), and also say that I am sorry for whatever I did which might have caused pain ( it was never intentional, it never is..thats what they all say!!! ).
Its time I put an end to this deluded rambling for what was supposed to be a very impressive 50th post in my blog. Nevertheless I did take some gyaan out off this laborious endeavor. Never stop writing in between a post. Useless gyaan I know, but I lost flow half way through the post when I stopped for no apparently good reason.

P.S-The writings have taken a literal roll down the hill. I hope that I can come up with some good posts from now on!!