Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Master of The Game

The title for this post sounds very small and insignificant compared to the greatness of the batting Legend. After that brilliant century at Hyderabad which almost took India to a victory people have been showering praises on Sachin. Everywhere you see there is talks about Sachin. Its not just the brilliance of the Little Master but it is the way he has projected himself and stamped his class all over cricket. It is The Experience, I quote " It is impossible to outgrow Indian Sports most celebrated Boy Wonder ".

Writing about a person who is considered as almost the game itself is never easy. It is a mutual feeling shared by millions of others who sense the same kind of hope and anticipation every time Sachin takes guard at the batting crease. It has been mentioned that the entire nation comes to a standstill when he is out there at the center batting, and demolishing the best of the opposition. I am quite certain that there will not be a single cricket enthusiast in this planet who will not have 'Googled' Sachin Tendulkar. Mentioning this after having spent literally hours searching for the Man, The Machine and The Legend. The names and the accolades showered upon will never come to an end.

I took a long time publishing this post, thinking and assuming that I can make it better and different from the rest of the writings about the greatest batsman the game has ever seen. But alas I sadly realized that the words that I come up with will always fall short of the achievements and the greatness of the legend called Sachin Tendulkar. To wrap it all up this article by Rajdeep Sardesai sums up the extraordinary talent that India has ever produced in the field of cricket.

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