Friday, October 16, 2009

So far......

Here is where I again come out of the self imposed hiatus and solemnly pledge that I will continue to blog more often than not. I expect that I will be posting many more such topics which starts of quite similar to this one.

Its that period of the semester where I get really busy. Busy in watching all sorts of unwanted series, busy in sleeping, busy in somehow managing to kill time. Well thats how a Masters degree is supposed to be I believe. Whats the fun in completing a Masters while not having fun and killing time unnecessarily. Pretty sure many will beg to differ. Right now I am feeling quite happy. Was woken up today by a call from a very good friend/senior/sister of mine who had cleared her comprehensive exam. The relief ( from having finally completed Masters ) was very prominent in her voice, which made me realize how very close I am in finishing my degree. Another 6-7 more months and I'll be done. Finally the end of the so clearly 'Rosy' picture portrayed, of a MS degree will begin.

On the flip side of all this, there is a very frustratingly funny and irritating incident that happened a couple of days back. It was my cooking turn, which I am pretty sure that most of us dread 95% of the time. Cooking as such may not be that bad, but the cleaning that follows after the cooking is a real pain in all the wrong places possible. Well, as I always do, I digress. Getting back to the incident, I had prepared this wonderful (hypothetical cause none of us got to taste it) rasam ( something similar to a stew ) using Lima beans I guess. Not too sure as to what the beans was though. So taking all the efforts I had brewed this particular stew. Just as I was about to finish I saw a freaking roach taking a happy and pleasurable swim in it. That just ensured that all my enthusiasm (which is usually quite low while cooking) or whatever little was left of it, went crashing down. Nevertheless I managed to somehow brew another pot of stew, this time totally different from the previous one. All this happened within a space of minutes. And Lo Behold!!!! There is another freakingly disgusting roach taking a swim in this stew also. Unfortunately there was nothing that night to go with the rice that was cooked. There was absolutely no way that I could cook another side dish, that same night.

As frustrating and irritating it was at that point of time, me and my roomies did manage to see the funny side of it later on. One of the plausible explanation given by one of them was that, probably the 2 roaches were a couple grieving the loss of their kid. Could be possible as the amount of roaches that we kill per day is quite staggering. It might be that the couple wanted to dive into the stew together spoiling one dish. But then realized that spoiling two would be better than one, hence the consequence.

I know sounds quite dumb when I actually put it into words, but the whole incident was really funny. As stupid as the incident and as a result this post might seem, it sure got to my nerves and finally became a thing worth laughing at.


AntharangadaMaathugalu said...

he he he........ after you let out all yr anger... poor souls wouldnt hv reached "swarga"..... now you find it worth laughing.... :-) ;-)

Powerslave said...

U could have just gone ahead savoring the 'roach' flavored stew! ;D

Karthik[:)] said...

yeah its funny if u look back at it now
I could have eh???...i'll prepare one esp for u come on over..with extra ingredients!!!!!!

Mith said...

maybe...just maybe....they liked your cooking! :)