Thursday, September 17, 2009

The world never ceases to wonder me!!!

This has been a pretty dry season for Bollywood. Apart from Kaminey not many movies have made their mark at the box office so naturally there has been a dearth in the number of hindi movies that I have been watching. That did not stop me from watching a really lame and bull crap of a movie titled 'Jai Veeru - Friends Forever' or what ever the lame ass tagline was. This movie is about 2 friends and blah blah blah....oh let me cut the crap and come straight to the point.

There is this particular scene where in one of the guys aims a gun at the other. There is a freak accident and he fires at the other guy. The events that followed were not at all expected. The other hero gets shot in the forehead. I would say on the very top of the forehead. Who in their right state of mind would dream of a hero being shot in the forehead just about 50 minutes into the movie and that too in Bollywood. What followed though was totally expected. This guy makes a miraculous recovery and in within 6 months time resumes duty as a police officer. Yippiee go Bollywood!!! Go Hero!!!!! Who the hell gives a damn about science and modern day technology and facts?????

This actually prompted me to dig into such things and I came up with the fact that 92% of the bullet injuries to the head leads to mortality. This guy was really really lucky to be in the 8% basket. Fine its a movie and people get to use their luck and imagination as they want. No more comments about it. But the most unusual and startling thing that I discovered was that a woman in America somewhere in Mississippi I believe survived a head shot from a .38 caliber handgun. For those of you who do not know what that means its the gun which is very similar to the ones used in our Bollywood movies, especially the ones with the 6 cylindrical slots. Ok now you got the picture!!!!!

An assistant professor of Surgery after examing her stated that there is a space in the brain it seems through which a missile could pass without causing any damage!!!!!!! So that means the 8 out of every hundred person could survive a headshot. But then again the possibility is very less it seems for the missile to pass through that space. Aaaahhh the wonders of nature or should I say the miracles of doctors nowadays.

Well I forgot to mention the funny part of this story. Firstly the woman actually got shot and then made tea for herself and even offered the police officers who came to her place. And the best part is that this lady is American and residing in US and this information was pulled out from a UK newspaper. Its a crazy world out there I tell you!!!! As proof you can go ahead and check out this link for the real story.

P.S--> I had to come back and add this. It was truly one of the most lamest movies I have ever seen. Its a good thing though, that I paid for it with a few hours of my sleep and nothing else, which I am sure a few people are gonna disagree to. And NO it definitely not remotely close to Jai and Veeru from Sholay. Just the names of a few evergreen characters is not enough to attract crowds to the theaters I guess!!!


Deeps!! said...


Metallove said...

Broey... u have oodlesssss of patience n ya proved me right!!!!!!

Powerslave said...

Who the fuck told u to even watch a movie titled that! OMG!
Anyhow, it was a good read..
And bey, gimme 'State of Fear' after you are done with it! :P

Karthik[:)] said...

@ Deeps
Thank you for the comment

@ Dii
yeah sis got loads of patience for all the wrong reasons..dont seem to be finding it for the right required reasons though!!! :-P :-P

I know i end up watching some bull crap movies..and u'll be waiting for a long time for it then buddy..will take time to finish it..just about 20% thru :D

Guria said...

Hey I did read the article when it came out! And indeed there is a part where the bullet goes clean through without dire results! :D

I am in science but I too agree, it's a crazy world out there! Damn the woman should have died when the husband shot her!lol!

Nice write! :)

Karthik[:)] said...


Thanks for the comment
and yeah its really a crazy world out there..and in a way good the woman dint die..otherwise this post wudnt have been published ;-)