Saturday, August 22, 2009

No One Knows

Behind closed doors
Is where it all happens.
Beneath the labyrinth of contours,
Lies resting behind the curtains.
No one knows what it is like.

A thousand words spoken inside
In moments that happen to flash by.
What all should one confide
Thus the thoughts naturally die.
No one knows what it is like.

The core of the soul sees it right,
Its sister on the other hand denies.
Wish everything was pure and white,
Will the blues ebb away as time flies.
No one knows what it is like.

"No one knows what it is like"!
Is what everyone thinks alike.
There is a burden that all carry,
Which some are unable to bury.
Still no one knows what it is like!!


Metallove said...

Well written broey...:)
Glad the wind blew back.....

Powerslave said...

Very well written man..
Poetry and all.. Would work well for somethin u wanna achieve.. ;)

iceman said...

>>Behind closed doors
>>Is where it all happens.
>>Beneath the labyrinth of contours,

Are you thinking what I am thinking?

You are the origin, and the means to an end. You did think about it when putting pen to paper now; did you not?


Karthik[:)] said...

yeah came back after taking a u-turn ;-)

very very true mate
time shud tell thats all

no dude m not thinking what u are thinking...who knows what kind of perverted thoughts creep into yr head ;-)

Mith said...

You know, this is so amazingly's just one of those things that seem to imply a different meaning everytime one reads it...but I have to ask, what were YOU thinking, what did you have in mind when you wrote this?

Karthik[:)] said...

first of all thank u :-)
n if i tell u what i was thinking when i wrote this then the secret wud be out wudnt it??? ;-) ;-)