Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Life is a Train

This is another topic that has been probably over used by many bloggers around the globe. I want to post my version of it though. As I mentioned in my previous post, I have been in quite the philosophical realm lately. Many would have compared their lives to a train making its journey from one point through to another destination. Metaphorically speaking life itself is a journey starting from the time we are born till we peacefully (for the fortunate ones) move on to whatever lies beyond. Every person or rather every passenger who boards this metaphoric train leaves behind some known or unknown impression in ones life(very much similar to the very artistic creations left behind on the restroom door by all the M.F.Hussains of our country who love to portray explicitly worded and picturised acts which are much better restricted within the four walls of the room). These impressions(very much unlike the ones described above) that are left behind by passengers in our lives (metaphorically transfigured to a train) have an impact on us either consciously or sub-consciously.

I remember reading somewhere that every experience in life has a lesson behind it waiting to be grasped. Quite similar to the stations that the train encounters while it meanders through to its final destination. What I really wanted to say after making you read so much of nonsense is simple. There are people whom we meet in life, who are forgotten the minute they are out of sight. Then there are people in our lives who make an impression but eventually just get off at their respective destination. But eventually there are those people who come along with you almost till the end of the journey. I just wanted to thank all those wonderful passengers who have boarded my metaphoric train and made my life as it has been. And for all those of you who have travelled without tickets please do not let me catch you. I charge quite a hefty sum as a fine.

Recently I managed to read a book by Kushwant Singh titled, "The Men and Women in my Life". Have a really big urge to come up with something very very similar to that. I just hope that in case it does happen, I do not turn it into a yellow pages listing!!!!


Metallove said...

BROEY... I'm for sure one among them...Wat say?????

CHEEKU said...

Watra.... Tempe seems to be putting hajjar thoughts in ur head... I've been pretty blank lately :P
Guess its good for a change :)
Call madi sometime...........

Powerslave said...

Written well bey.. Glad to be a part of your journey..
Keep MOFOing! lol..

Karthik[:)] said...

@ diii
yep u sure are sis :-)

will call ya next week buddy..still in home sweet home

yes dude the more philosphical sense continuing till the destination ;-)