Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I really do not know what to title this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The gyrating sound of the hand towel being pulled out of its container, the familiar odour of cooked meat hanging in the air, the sights of sparkling clean floors and the constant drone of announcements cutting through the air. All very familiar indications of stepping back into the U.S. After quite a dull and boring two flights ( from Bangalore to London and London to Chicago ) these were the welcome signs that I received. Sitting at the terminal sipping a really chilled Sprite and gulping down a barrel of finger chips (pretty soon I might give up on these!!!!-----Alright who am I kidding) I wait for my final stretch of flight before I land in Phoenix.

The flight from Bangalore to London was not too eventful. Well there was this particular guy sitting right next to me who was quite curious about H1N1 virus. Funny how nobody seems to be discussing anything much these days apart from the swine flu. "A few hundreds catch the swine flu and everyone is hankering for a mask, but nobody still bothers about wearing a condom when there are millions contracting AIDS". An aptly put line doing the rounds on sms and emails these days. So this particluar guy was bugging the cabin crew guy as to why they are not wearing masks blah blah blah. Ok I have to admit that the guy was a little freaked out because of my sneezing the entire time I was awake. This was because of the really cold full blast air conditioning that was on inside the craft. First look at him and I thought ok decent guy, but then usually such impressions last only till the person in consideration opens their mouth. That was not the first time I felt such a thing. Moving on, the second leg of the journey from London to Chicago was very very uneventful. Apart from the fact that I got a seat next to a pretty hot Romanian chic. Otherwise my running nose ensured that my head was tilted towards the window all the time I was awake, which was only during the times when food was served.

I never realised that there would be a strange sense of happiness on returning back from India. I would say a stupid sense of excitement and thrill crept up when I switched on my phone and saw the AT&T carrier. But all said and done there is still no place like home and it really is a difficult task to leave behind family and all the loved ones. The feeling really grows large during the long walk from the customs till the point of take off.


Metallove said...

Oh Broey....Its hard to take the fact tht u have already landed in U.s.....

Powerslave said...

Uneventful u said.. and sitting beside a Romanian chic.. dude! ;)

Btw, written very well bey.. I like the flow.

Mith said...

Aw...bittersweet ain't it? the "homecoming" :)

"my head was tilted towards the window all the time I was awake, which was only during the times when food was served." - LOL...fond memories...this pretty much summed up my own flight to perth :D

And I love love LOVE that you are writing so often again!! Yay-ness! :D

Karthik[:)] said...

i know dii time flies real fast when u dont want it to and comes to a screeching halt when u want it to!!

yeah dude that was very uneventful..sitting was just bout the most happening event thats all :D
btw thank you

i know da its pretty much the same routine for most of the travellers i guess...and thank u thank u thank u...hoping to not stop this time round!!!