Monday, August 31, 2009

Happennings Lately

Lately i get a million ideas to write about, but then they all fizz out similar to the soda cans. Nevertheless I would just like to post about some stuff thats been going on lately.

  • ->Classes have started and they are well as classes are supposed to be. Little on the boring side and a little on the interesting side. I know I am a little diplomatic.
  • ->We had pest control done yesterday. And I am still suffering from the aftermath of it. My room is in a mess and I have got loads of cleaning to do.
  • ->On the plus side we cleaned up the kitchen yesterday itself. Well half the kitchen. The other half is still lying on the counters and on the floors.
  • ->The real sad part of the affair was during the cleaning process I managed to spill a lot of rice on the floor. And there was no way it could have been utilised, atleast not for edible purposes. I know very clumsy of me. Not that apologising now would get back the rice, but I apologize to the millions of people who do not have a morsel to eat, and here I am carelessly spilling it down.
  • ->A couple of days back we played cricket. It was a practice session conducted by our captain. The session was good but the after-session was bad. I got dehydrated and puked and slept the entire day. Something which I am not too proud of, but still a lesson learnt.
  • ->I resumed playing raqcuetball yesterday. I thought I had lost touch and presumed that I would suck at the game after not having played for about 3 months. But thanks to my friend with whom I managed to play I realized I played pretty well ( I am just kidding here, thinking that my friend will come and read this ;-)
  • ->The saddest part is that I am still hunting for an on-campus job. Sometimes it just gets to me. Not able to figure out if its just my luck or if I really do not have the necessary skills. Well time will tell. As of now I keep hunting.


AntharangadaMaathugalu said...

good u r back to writing but sad u r clumsy!! :-)


Metallove said...

Im sure ya'll land ya self a job soon!!!!

wacko said...

lol, are you talking about me or motte?

Karthik[:)] said...

yeah i shud have been careful

hopefully sis

definitely not u buddy...u been whipping me left right n center :D