Friday, August 7, 2009

Chinese Philosophy

Disclaimer: Very philosophical (At least in my comprehension) and full of crap. Navigate to another page right away if not in the mood for some ramblings.

Its been quite a while since I read a book, let alone a really good book. Its also very rare that reading a book makes the cogs in my brain move so much.
I have been reading "The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari" by Robin Sharma and have been quite impressed with his writings. Many may beg to differ here but there is something in that book that really gives some food for thought. I usually never pick up a book which is non fictious as in one which is not a run of the mill story about some famous, rich guy or this really svelte babe or about a murder etc etc. This one book was quite an exception though.

Somewhere down the line the book mentions about an ancient Chinese philosophy of human's life being reflected in three mirrors. It may not be the exact statement from the book but the gist was pretty much the same. The first one reflects the image of how one sees himself or herself. The second one reflects the image of the person as seen by others. Finally the third mirror reflects the truth. The philosophy may seem quite silly when you think about it. In reality it does hold a very deep meaning. I am pretty certain that the three images would be quite different from each other for most people, except for those highly gifted people who in fact have the same reflection in all the three mirrors. It is actually quite amazing when you think of it. Everybody has a certain image of their own in their own mind.
Nobody would feel that they are less in any way compared to others. The second image is what the others see in a person. This image is merely a part of the image represented in the first mirror. The second image is not projected by the person round the clock. It only appears when people are around him. The bridge between these two images is what actually defines the person which is represented by the third mirror. The actual person's image which is the third one is what defines the truth. This is the bridge that most of us fail to comprehend. The Chinese sure know what they talk about when they make such philosophies. Its actually quite a simple way of describing a person's true characteristics. Now who defines the characteristics is the main question. The person himself or the people around him?

Finally I tried my hand at something philosophical. Real inspiration kinds the book has been to me for the time being. Its said that the brain processes about 60,000 thoughts in a day. That is about 2500 thoughts every hour. A real fast mean projector our brain is portrayed out to be. I am for the time being stuck in the philosophical realm, waiting for my brain to flash by
to a different realm. Till then bear with my all my philosophical bull shit.


Powerslave said...

Nice read..
I accept the Chinese philosophy too. But I believe that the three reflections can never be the same and should never be too. That's what exemplifies a character!

Pooja said...

There are like sooooo many ppl who swear by this book !!....somehow i cudnt go beyond 40-50 pages at an earlier attempt to read it...should complete it this time :)...

the philosophy..very true!!...and the reflections..., in their being different, an individual comes across as this object wt an extremely complex structure !!

Metallove said...

Hope this followz DISCOVER UR DESTINY too!!!!!!

Karthik[:)] said...

@ JD
Hhmmnnn depends buddy
i guess the views change from person to person

sit with it and read it once no matter how bored u feel...its a real nice read

@ Dii
hopefully dii
i dont think i'll pick it up immediately though...need a slight breather from philosophy for the time being :D