Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Makeover

A new look and feel for my blog. This does look much better than the previous one. I have to agree that the previous look and feel had a mundane and a rather dull look to it. There is nothing special about the blog now, but somehow I get the feeling that this looks a lot more cooler. There seems to be an added zing to it. Or it could well be the figment of my imagination. After all it has been quite sometime I last posted or even had a look at a blog.

I have managed to find time to change the blog address. So apologies to all those people who had added my blog to their blog roll. I doubt that the link will prevail. So if they do get a "blog not found" error message then please overlook it. I did change the name from a stupid, over the top address of "quest4thezenith" to a simple "karthikjanardhanan". I wonder what 'quest' I was thinking about and which 'zenith' I was going to scale. Well I finally did manage to change the address. Makes a lot more sense now, even though the postings do not make much sense. Aah it does feel nice to dish out some sensible nonsense after a long long time. Hoping to blog more often!!!!


Mith said...

"Priceless pearls of wisdom"?...Hmmm...Kinda liked "Trapped in a walnut??" better...was much more you :D

And am I glad to see you, back on the blog scene! :) Now stay put. Or I "keel" you! *angry face*

And, I do do (LOL) blog redesigning (I'm considering it as a career option now). And I'm expensive. But....I'll do it free of charge just for you ;)

Pooja said...

hellooooo !!!
new design..new name.....!!!
good to see ya blogging again !!
i agree with mith though :)...'trapped in a walnut' was so you :)
n "sensible nonsense" good one :)

Ashwini said...

Sensible Nonsense? :P Lol!