Sunday, July 26, 2009

Men In White

The men in white are some of the most feared and some of the most dreaded members of the elite band. These people are feared largely by the group of people who own and ride a two wheeler. I am talking about none other than the traffic police department. Its not that every two wheeler owner drive in fear of being caught by these people. But there are quite a few who keep a look out for these men in white prowling on the roads. Once caught they ensure that you cough up some amount of fine. So it is quite necessary to carry all the documents pertaining to one's vehicle.

I am actually narrating a short incident that happened the other day. This is why I had to give such a big build up and a preamble. I was returning with my friend after watching a movie. I got caught by two policemen standing quite well camoflouged at the corner of the narrow alley. I like most of the bikers was not carrying any documents other than my driving license. Naturally I had to come up with a performance good enough to convince him that I have all my documents safely stashed some where and was out in a hurry, hence not carrying them on me. After about fifteen minutes
of convincing him that I do have them and that I would be ready to come and show it to them wherever they would ask me to come, did they finally let me go. It was infact my friend who suggested that they give me a show cause notice ( I swear I had never heard of that notice before ). I believe its a notice which they give and ask them to show their documents at a later time. I do not know how it worked, but the bluff somehow got through to the guy and he finally allowed me to leave without causing any damage on my wallet.

Continuing on the same topic I remember my friend telling about a friend of his or of some acquaintence of his who had a really hilarious encounter with the cops. It seems he was on his way some place on his bike obviously when he was stopped by one of scores of cops camping on unknown corners of the street. Strangely these cops have a habit of slowing the bikers down asking them to come to the side of the road and then they switch off their engines and take away the keys from the ignition. After successfully doing so they just happily walk away from the vehicle leaving the rider stranded there, not knowing the cause of him being stopped.
This mind you is very irritating, and such actions are restricted to a handful of policemen. It is all the more frustrating if the biker has all the documents and has been on the greener side of the law. So coming back to the incident that I was talking about. The policeman happened to have taken his key and walked away from the vehicle. Now I do not know whether the guy was so fortunate or was he just way too clever ( it could well be that this incident is a figment of somebody's conked up imagination nevertheless it is quite funny ). Apparently this guy had a spare key with him at that very
moment and he happily drove his way out of the clutches of the cops. It sure would have been a funny incident to watch.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Makeover

A new look and feel for my blog. This does look much better than the previous one. I have to agree that the previous look and feel had a mundane and a rather dull look to it. There is nothing special about the blog now, but somehow I get the feeling that this looks a lot more cooler. There seems to be an added zing to it. Or it could well be the figment of my imagination. After all it has been quite sometime I last posted or even had a look at a blog.

I have managed to find time to change the blog address. So apologies to all those people who had added my blog to their blog roll. I doubt that the link will prevail. So if they do get a "blog not found" error message then please overlook it. I did change the name from a stupid, over the top address of "quest4thezenith" to a simple "karthikjanardhanan". I wonder what 'quest' I was thinking about and which 'zenith' I was going to scale. Well I finally did manage to change the address. Makes a lot more sense now, even though the postings do not make much sense. Aah it does feel nice to dish out some sensible nonsense after a long long time. Hoping to blog more often!!!!