Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Surrender

The crunching of the leaves, filled the night around
Footsteps followed the tranquilized breeze downtown
The mind in an absolute state of confound
Hoping the serene surround would clear the rebound.

The scent of the fresh soil lingered in the air
The rain drops descended the heaven's stair
It was a moment meant for all to share
But the place was engulfing him in despair.

As the lightning streaked across the sky
He let out a feeble and beaten sigh
The solitary abandonment he wanted to deny
But the beauty of nature seemed to make him defy.

The rippling of the water captured his mind
Fascinated was he to see the land and water entwined
As he made his way across the bridge, to nature resigned
His melancholy now seemed to have pined.