Thursday, February 5, 2009

Whats in a name ???

Going by the title one could say that what is this guy writing about a used and abused topic. As a matter of fact it has been gleefully ripped and torn apart by many people. Well what the heck let me also join the long list of those people.
I bet this is one situation that many of us find ourselves in, atleast a minimum of ten times as far as their memory lets them rewind. ( Do not go by the statistics that I use, they are never verified ). So the other day I ran into this guy. Lets call the guy "this guy". This is how our conversation went on :-

This guy : "Hey how is it going ? "
Me : "Going good man. How about you?" [ Hhmmnn who the hell is this guy ? ]
This guy : "Good dude. How are the courses this sem? "
Me : "So far so good man. How are yours ? " [ What the hell man where have I seen this guy before? ]
This guy : " The course work is good, not too much of a load so far. "
Me : "Yeah the sem has just started, so its kinda easy as of now." [ Oh man I have absolutely no idea who this guy is ]
This guy : " Yeah i know, its going to get worse gradually "
Me :" Yep" [ His face does look familiar though. What the hell he is in the same university so obviously he will look familiar ]
ME :" Ok I got to go now, will catch you some other time. [ Crap I still do not know his name ]
This guy :"Yeah sure, good luck"
ME :" Thanks same to you" [ Great I keep having this conversation all the time ]

That conversation might be related to quite a few people around this world. As the saying goes, "Whats in a name?". Or is that my saying? Whatever!!!!
I am pretty sure I will be in such situations many more times in the coming future. God help me and the people like me!!!!!!!!!!



Hay!! You in a situation like this...what fun...that guy might read yr blog and LOL...find his name before u meet him again...!!!!

Rag said...

someone's having a ghajini effect!!! huh???
u better start clicking snaps from the next time!!!!

Karthik[:)] said...

@ Ma
i doubt if he will read my far as i know only 4 or 5 at the max read my blog so m in no danger of him reading this :-D

Buddy u have given me a great idea..maybe i shud start doing that and sign one snap as friend and give it to him...funny though i dont seem to forget girl's names ;-)

CHEEKU said...

Main kaun hoon?? :P
Ditto incident happened this time when I went back to India. I was in college and some juniors came over to talk to me. Having not interacted with them significantly, I was not sure who was who most of the time though their faces looked all familiar. But well, they all remembered Cheeku. There is definitely a lot in a name.

Imagine this: You meet a super sexy chick.
You: Hey, How u doing.. Am K..
Her: hehe.. My name is Gangu bai :P

Philosophically, Gangu bai wouldnt make that chick any less desirable, but well, its always better to call a Rose, a Rose :P