Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Return and The Re-return

Its been a while since I even visited my blog. Almost 3 months I guess. I believe the title is aptly given. Finally I come up with a title other than "random", "very very random", "Utter-nonsense" and all the other weird names that I have come up with till date, which barely has any connection with whatever is beneath it. 
Barely 4 or 5 months into Masters life and I got the chance to return back to Home Sweet Home. Not many people get such a sweet opportunity to go back home immediately after the first semester. I did though and all thanks to my father. Phew!!! what a relief it was to be back home atleast for a few weeks. None of my friends expected me to come back and every body was in for a surprise or more appropriately a shock. I bet some of them might have wondered that I had given up on Masters and returned back home. Ok that is a little too much to think. 
Anyways that was the return. I had never felt so much better to be back home and to see my family. I wanted time to stop still, but as it happens time flies fast. This is in accordance with the theory of relativity as described by some great person which is anologous to Einstien's. ( P.S- I assume you do know this theory ). The time to come back to Tempe arrived faster than I could have imagined.
The re-return was not too bad actually. Well apart from the fact that I would miss my near and dear ones the journey back to the university was not bad at all. I was scheduled to arrive at Phoenix from Denver. The baggage carts at the airport in Denver was as horrible and bad as one could imagine it to be. The cart kept turning right for who knows what god forsaken reason. It was as if the cart was rigged to turn right even though I was pushing it to go straight. Before that I want to mention something really funny. I was checked at the airport for bringing in cummin seeds ( jeera ). The funny part was only one packet was checked. The remaining packets went un-noticed. Strange reasoning i felt. Ok here comes the funnier part. I was supposed to come to Phoenix by US airways. Because of the dumb trolley that I was pushing I checked into the first counter that I could lay my eyes upon. But then when I enquired about the boarding pass I was told that I had checked into the United Airways counter. I was assured that I would get my luggage in Phoenix. What I assumed was that they would route the luggage to my aircraft as it was tagged all the way from Bangalore. I waited for about 20 minutes at Phoenix airport only to realise that my luggage was not on that flight. Finally after enquiry I was told that my luggage was in another terminal and had come by another aircraft. The tension surrounding me and my luggage which housed a variety of food and snacks. As they say all is well that ends well.
P.S- I guess my standards in blogging has gone plummeting down just like Satyam's market value. Need to improve and need to continue blogging as much as possible.