Friday, October 10, 2008

Very Very Very Very Random

Its almost a month since I posted anything, and finally here is something. As suggested by the title, this is totally random. I could as well say that this is just for the sake of writing.

First of all, a few days back I met a friend's friend. After the introduction the first thing that the guy said to me was that he read my blog. To be frank it was like a bolt in the blue for me. Then reality dawned on me that people do read this. So first of all a very big "WELCOME" to all those visiting. Secondly a big "THANK YOU" for taking the time out to read this, which obviously will be of no use to you. Thirdly a small request, in case you are visiting, please leave a comment. Any kind of comment will suffice.

University life is so much different and so much more fun as compared to back home. For one nobody in the right state of mind in India will venture out at 12 in the night to the library like me. It is an altogether different story that I am blogging instead of burying my nose in some voluminous book with a specs clinging on to the end of my nose for dear life. Anyways as one of my Prof says "I digress". So here I am not at home in the middle of the night trying to study.

Cricket is a crazy game back home. As correctly quoted " Cricket is a game played by 11 fools and followed by a 11,000 other fools". How much ever the truth this particular quote carries the game is still ingrained in our blood. The best part of life here at ASU is that I have been playing more cricket than I played back at home. Playing cricket in the birth-place of baseball gives you a strange sense of satisfaction, especially when the natives question about the game and its rules. So here I am playing cricket half way across the world that too under lights at 11 in the night. That, I would definitely call it an interesting improvement coming here.

A very interesting and encouraging trend or rather program I would say is the International friend program. This is a program where international students sign up and are assigned foster families based on their likes and interests. I had been to a family's place through this program for dinner one evening. Their hospitality is to die for. The guy actually came all the way to our apartment to pick us up and promptly dropped us off after dinner and a light conversation. There is seriously a huge difference between the way they speak at home compared to the way our families speak back in India. Here is a small example :-

Mr M :- "Honey, where is the photographs that we took when we went for the hike ? "
Mrs M :-" Oh yeeaah!! They are right over there on the book shelf."
Mr M :-" Oh noo. Its not over there I just looked for it. You must have moved them some place"
Mrs M :-"Are you sure? I kept it there the last time I looked at them".
Mr M :-"Yeah I just looked for it and it is not there."
Mrs M :-"Hhhmmnnn oh okay gimme a minute I will take a look, it is probably there in the other shelf inside the room."
Mr M :-"Oh okaay!! I will go get it then, no problem."
Mrs M :-"Okaaay!!"

Eight lines of conversation. Keep in mind that these people speak very very slowly and they talk in a sing-song voice almost dragging and elongating each word. So all in all I would say that the above conversation would last probably for 6-7 minutes.

Here is a typical translation of the conversation back in India.

Mr : "ley aa tripige hogiddu photos yelle? " [ Hey where are the photos of the trip ? ]
Mrs ( in an irritated tone ): "nanige yenri gottu neeve ittiddu, neeve huddukoli" [ How am I supposed to know, you have only kept it, you only search for it. ]
Mr ( in an even more irritated tone ) : " ee maneli yenu timeige correct aagi sigalla " [ you dont find anything on time in this house ]

Three lines of conversation, keeping in mind that they speak fast and the appropriate time of the conversation would be 6-7 seconds.

It is not a very exact translation, as the situation varies from house to house and from person to person. I would say that 50% of the conversation would probably end here and there is a high probability that this conversation could lead to a nasty fight over some trivial matter which would have no connection to the first question.

Off course there is also a high probability that the conversation might take place in exactly opposite sense without any hint of irritation and full of sugary tones. As I said differs from family to family.

Okay there are so many things more that I would like to tell, but as of now I am blank. Will come up with more as soon as I find time, { which is actually just a plain old excuse, as usual } .