Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Utter Non-sense

Basically this post has no title. Just a random headed post which might probably contain a wee bit of cribbing. So that could serve as a statutory warning, and this is your cue to bail out of this blog.

Cribbing in the sense, life is not all that bad here. But there are certain things that do not go as you expect it to. Well for instance there is this new season starting of the series Prison Break. I being in US have not yet seen it but my friends back in India must have already seen it. Reason downloading is a crime here. I have heard from people that some guys ended up paying a fine of roughly 20k dollars for downloading stuff. So there is this strange fear as to what I can download and what I cannot. Ironically the internet speed is way too fast. Come on people I have a 15mbps connection at home and I am not able to download anything.
Okay i agree that is not too big a reason to crib about. But sometimes being so far away from home does get to you. No home food, no pampering from parents and relatives, no friends. Okay that does not seem as it looks like. { LOL!! funny usage of the words there }.
Anyways talking about friends, people are way too cool here. For example my roomies are wonderful guys. I seriously could not have asked for more better people as room-mates. Though one of them is always on the phone [ hehehe no offence mate i.e in case you read it ]. Both of them are pretty good cooks. Actually one of them cooks quite well. Imagine its almost been two weeks since I landed here and I have cooked only about 3 or 4 times at the max. Where do you get such people for room-mates? [ lucky me :-D ]

The other guy is also way too cool. [ noticed the usage of the words way too cool??...That tells you just how cool these guys are :-D ]. To be frank initially I thought that how am I going to stay under one roof with two people who have a work experience of 5 years among themselves. But from the day I landed in Phoenix, these guys have never made me feel that they are seniors and I am a junior. Believe it or not I fool around and pull their legs as if we were from the same batch.

Sometime back while doing my bachelors I realized the importance of building up contacts. Once you are out of your home town and living in a totally new place all together, the contacts come automatically. That is provided if you go around talking to people. Fortunately I do have a big mouth and have spoken to quite a lot of people around here. It is all together a different story that I find it difficult to remember half their names. My room-mate has a friend here who has finished his graduation and is currently working. We hang out quite often. So basically everybody is friendly. Even my senior about whom I mentioned in my previous post. Her room-mates are also very friendly. Some what like angels. [ hehehe sounds quite funny when somebody reads it, but thats the way it is :-D ].

Alright guess there is not too much of cribbing going on in this post to be frank. There are a few things that really does get on my nerves at times. For example there is this guy in two of my classes. Decent looking chap I would say. That comment lasts only till his mouth is shut. The moment he opens his mouth to talk to the professors or any other american I get irritated. Come on man!!!!!! Why the fake accent? These people do understand the normal accent that we speak. I am pretty sure they must think that why is the guy putting on such a fake accent. Well I could so totally be wrong about this, but its my blog so its my feelings and thoughts. US is a free country with total freedom of speech anyways. :-D

The gowri-ganesha habba ( festival ) is quite a big one back home. Yeah we all missed it. But can you beat the advancement in technology?...Me and my room-mate saw the ganesh puja going on at his place through the web-cam. It was pretty weird to see a live puje on the the cam, but it was worth it. We even bowed and payed homage to the idol through the screen. LOL!!!! [ some things are really worth mentioning ;-) ] Thanks to Nik we did not miss the entire ganesh puja. I did find a little funny even though it was a super experience watching it through the web-cam.

Ok more about my life in the states sometime later. Right now I got to go and get my assignment done. Bye for now!!!!


Mith said...

if it makes you feel any better, i still haven't seen PB yet :x .... stupid slow connection... ironic isn't it? I can download it but i can't, you can't download it even tho you can (confused?)

ok...am gonna stop rubbing it in now :D

Raghav said...

hahhahheheh!!! live ganesha pooja huh!!!

Karthik[:)] said...

u still haven seen it??
hhmmnn i'll play spoil sport then hehehehe hahahah hohohhoho
bbad move mit...bad bad move :-D
unfortunately cannot portray the evil laugh here..but u can as well imagine

yeah man live ganesha puja....there are so many firsts in my life...and watchin ganesh puja live was definitely a first hehehehe

somu said...

hmmm i am feelin so proud of INDIA hehe... bein in US u couldn't c prison break heheheheheh huaaaaaa.... US sucks!!!!!!!.. guess u might've seen it by now.... second episode is awesome n especially tat hacking device.. prison break and INDIA rocxxxxxxxxxx!!!!!!!