Thursday, September 11, 2008

Grumblings and Ramblings

Often I allow my mind to wander
Into the realms of engineering which lies yonder
Cursing myself for the time which I did squander
Repenting for having treated my courses like a philander.

Sitting in the hall I begin to go adrift
Causing my engineering academia to rift
Now I wish I had been a bit more time thrift
Having realised that my standards badly need an uplift.

I did expect a rude awakening
But its never easy to accept ones short-coming
Its high time I put an end to my rambling
Its going to be an arduous battle before Homecoming.


nikhil said...

Nice poem.. This is the fate of every grad student:)u never cease to amaze me.. u truly are a multi-faceted person:)

Karthik[:)] said...


thanks bro :-)
really appreciate the comment and the praise


Nice poem kanna...

Mith said...

lol....sorry sweetie but this post of urs inspired me to write that!!! :) when i started i found out that i had lots more than 13 points so i had to cram them all in there a lil bit that's why it turned out to be "fast forward" of all 8 sems!

btw what are the so many things you want to ask me???? teme teme!

Pooja said...

hey !!!...well written poem!...totally agree wt every word of the poem..!!...its like u ve put into words wat most of us VTU grads feel,albeit..after its all over!...well written!...way to go, boy!

CHEEKU said...

yenna da rascala!!! Poet poet!! Bows bows.. I am not finding time to write at all :(
well.. life........... hmmmm