Friday, August 22, 2008

The Sky High View II

Ever wondered how big the word huge is? Its just about four letter big. The word huge is actually an insult to the Heathrow International airport. We landed in the 5th terminal which was roughly 3 times bigger than BIAL. And there is 4 more terminals, no wonder the place is one of the busiest airports of the world. Since I was tagging along with my senior, I had absolutely no tension. I was blindly following her and doing whatever she asked me to do. It really is a major advantage if u fly with somebody who has already gone through the rigmarole of changing flights and entering into the State. It gices you time to soak in the atmosphere and the structural splendour of the airports. At this time somewhere in the corner of my heart I hoped that my own country will come up to such classy standards one day. We disembarked the fliht and I faithfully followed Sowmya ( my senior ) just like a sheep following the sheperd. Or rather in this case "Mary being followed by her lamb". Please note I purposefully left out the word little as, describing me as little would be an insult to the word. We had roughly 3 hours to catch the next flight. I naturally gaped at the wonderful exhibits at the duty free shops. My jaw dropped onto the fround when i saw the Ferrari and the Audi on display. Since we did have time to kill we waited on level one of the terminal. Even though British Airways had taken extreme care in filling my tummy I had the cravings for some home made stuff. The chapatis that mum had packed finally made its way into my tummy on international soil.

The checking in process did not look like the monstrous process that people make it out to be. It was a fairly simple and smooth process. Maybe it felt smooth to me because of the calming presence of Sowmya. The flight to Phoenix from London was a 10 hour ordeal. Finally I managed to get some sleep and the flight journey was over before I realised it.

Landing at the Sky Harbour International aiport signalled the start of a new beginnning. There was again no problem with the customs. Sowmya did have a minor problem with the customs. It was just a matter of time before we stepped out of the airport, to be welcomed by the rains.


Mith said...

excellent writing...i could picture it all in my head when i was reading very happy for you...enjoy this new phase of ur life n keep us updated!!...once again, beautifully written :)

P.S _ does this mean you finally got youe internet connection there?

raghav said...

woah!!! stil 3rd one's yet to come huh "The Sky High View III"????

hmmm cool!!! write it soooon!!

btw were they real cars on display??

Karthik[:)] said...

yup the net is up and running at home now...phew!!!!!!!

no man part III wont be coming...2 is enuf heheh....and yeah they were real cars on display...saw them from about 2 feet away

Ashley Ladd said...

Everything is relevant. I've not been to Heathrow Airport but I'll take your word for it. I'm scared to fly, but will do so if I absolutely have to. My last flight was in June to Cincinnati and fortunately, uneventful. Thanks for the observations.

I'd be very cross without an Internet connection. My laptop decided to die on the trip to Cincinnati, right as I was getting an Internet connection at the airport while waiting to board.

Karthik[:)] said...

wow i dint expect many people to read my blog...thanks for the comments ashley that was very sweet of you...and yeah Heathrow airport is really a sight to behold if u are seeing it for the first time...and i got my net connection also so all is well that ends well hhehehe :-)

Pooja said...

hey!...yr senior sure seems really nice....n mary had a lamb...tats not so lil...?...hhehhe....funny, kartz....yeah...6ft tall are you...? sure is an insult to the words "lil lamb "

n wow!!!!!...Heathrow we wish our airports wud look the same...

glad to see tat u are finding time to update yr blog...continue the good work :)