Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The first Official International Post

I cannot believe this post is originating all the way from America.
Its almost a week since I set foot on this soil and I still have not found time to put up a post on my blog. I actually want to share my experience from the time I boarded the flight all the way back in Bangalore till I got down in Pheonix. Its not that I do not have access to net, its just that I am pretty much lazy to type out the stuff that I have in my cell, all over again. So another few more days and I guess that will be up on the blog. Lets make this International post short and very sweet. So until next time, keep waiting for the next post from half way across the globe.

P.S- Will be getting a net connection very very soon.


raghav said...

hehehh!! tats fine!!!

write sooon!!

Mith said...

hehehehe hahaha hehehe!!

P.S - that was an evil laugh in case you were wondering :p

P.P.S - that was regarding the comment you left in my blog in case you were still wondering ;)

Karthik[:)] said...


i so m gonna kill u for that :-P