Wednesday, July 16, 2008


It has been quite some time since I posted something.
I can as well say this is just for the sake of posting, not that I really wanted to write or blog or post or whatever.

I can as well start by announcing my entry into the engineering world. Result was announced yesterday. I can say that I am finally a graduate now. I just realized something that, I missed obtaining an overall distinction ( 5-8th sem ) by 96 marks. At first it does seem like a huge margin. Here is some simple math that suggests how narrowly I missed it.

96 marks in 4 semester means that comes up to an average of 24 marks in each sem.
Considering that we had about 8 subjects in each sem it narrows down to 3 marks per subject.

See that does not seem to be a big margin does it??
I guess math does not change the end result now. Anyways the most positive outcome of all this is that I am finally an engineer. People tend to think that an engineering graduate must be so different from the rest of the graduates. As in they must have stuffed themselves with technical stuff and are capable of solving problems related to their fields ( or maybe some weirdos can manage to deal with stuff out of their area of specializations....this is just a possibility!!!!). Seriously i just feel I am just one among the 5 lakh graduates from India freshly out from 4 years of gruelling engineering studies from about 2000 odd colleges.
After 4 long years of cramming in information of roughly 50 subjects I feel I am still the same when I started out 4 years back ( except probably I have put on a little more weight and aged 4 years ). It makes no difference at all.

Moving on, right now I have been staring into this screen for the past 3 or 4 hours listening to the same two songs over and over again. Again it does not make any difference. Does it really matter to anybody if I listen to the same song a hundred times each day? Maan I so wish people would give some kind of royalty for listening to their songs endlessly. Practically would be rich by now.

You do need some kind of motivation to do anything I feel. Alright I created a blog and started putting up post after post in the beginning. Then I lost steam. And now I am back again. Does that make a difference?? Well maybe it does or maybe it does not. Who cares??
Anyways, when I started out with this post all I wanted to do was post a couple of lines, so that I do not completely go out of touch with blogging. But as has always been the case with me, I could not stop myself. First it was sentences that were never ending and now it has graduated( just like me...quite pathetically ) to blog posts.


somayajulu said...

dude let me tel ya one thing.. u cant get more jobless than this... n i cant get more jobless readin this post.. its f***kin borin out here man.... n its sad tat u missed out on FCD certificate.. neways u r flyin to USA so it doesnt matter at al.... tak care... n ya keep blogin.. atleast i wnt get bored wen eva i come online heeh... :).. adios

Mith said...

hmmm...really bored aren't you?? but then again ur post reflects every single engg's (who is stayin at home) cheers!

i wonder how many marks i lost FCD by...i always sucked at math :(

Karthik[:)] said...

dude i seriously am jobless..n ya doesnt make much difference if i get fcd now or not...but as a personal satisfaction i guess that will remain a dream...n dont worry will keep posting weird topics so that u dont get bored wen u come online :-D

ya m quite bored actually speaking..did a whole lot of math just to see how much i lost n how much i could have scored abt being jobless!!!!

CHEEKU said...

writers block... give yourself some time.. do some reading.. it helps...i was in the same position just a month ago.. remember??
hehe.. chillax..

raghav said...

hey karthik nice one!! Simple and quite interesting!!i am cheeku's friend remember??? Now after reading ur recent post i just thgt of writing a post jus like urs!! was thinkin of what to write from the past few days!! ur blog helped me!!!

keep it up!!pkzev

karthik said...

ya i know writers block..but not for too long hopefully..besides not a pro at this...not too long before i start posting with the same zeal :-)

hey man ya i remember u...i even checked out 1853..cudnt leave comment caz the net was freaking slow..glad my post dished up an idea for yr next post..will b waitin for that :-)