Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Just My Luck!!!

Pre Script: The reflections of a depressed mind.

He gazed far across the distant land

As far back as the sky joined hands

His eyes scoured the outstretched sight

Desiring the fulfillment of his fantasy flight.

The affair could well have been clandestine

Had their love sustained the test of time

As much as they loved the other with all their heart

Reality was bent on tearing them apart.

His feelings for her was as deep as the sea

He always wondered why the others failed to see

She had feelings of a similar kind

But success was not the first thing on her mind.

His family approved of their match

But as always somewhere there had to be a catch

Her family had absolutely no clue

She always wondered "wont it be a bolt in the blue?"

They had to defy all the laws of nature

If they wanted to see a combined future

Even though time was not on their side

When the secret was out, they managed to cling to each others hide.

Post Script: He is the fat guy in the pic and she is the thinner one towards the right of the pic.


Mith said...

clap clap clap clap!! encore encore!

CHEEKU said...

Bows..bows again..
Amazing poem da.. But, my divine sight gives me the ability to see between the lines.. lol!
No more comments..
"Bolt in the blue" wonderful line..
great choice of words..

raghav said...

superb poem bro!!! wat words!!! abbba!!! jhinchak!!!

all u ppl flying off to US write real good poems!!!

Karthik[:)] said...

thank you thank you :-)

divine sight???
lemme guess u must have scrolled down before n checked out the pic first :-P
btw thank you :-)

thanks mate:-)

Anonymous said...

woww an amazing write up indeed a poem.

Nice blog it was pleasant reading ur articles .

Pooja said...

LOl...well written indeed!!...although i knew there must be a catch somewhere!!...hhhehheh...amazing use of words!!...keep up the good work..n hope to see ya continuing to blog, evn after u fly off for yr MS !!!
and why "reflections of a depressed mind" ?..

Karthik[:)] said...


thank you for the appreciation[:)]
by the which pushpa is this?

hhmmnn u knew there was a catch somewhere??? interesting...and obviously da the dog will be depressed so naturally it will be the reflections of a depressed mind...got it??? hehehehe [;)]

Ashwini said...

Awww, cute one KJ ;) And see, I do comment on ur blog :)