Sunday, June 8, 2008

Its the dreaded time of the year
When people like me have nothing to cheer
The feeling which prevails is that of fear
But I still hold enjoyment dear.

June announces the arrival of exams
Its time to draw all kinds of study plans
Sticking to it though is a major scam
I bang my head to the wall wham bam slam.

This will actually be the final time
And the exam bells will no more chime
Merry-making will once again be the prime
And we can all relax with a glass of sweet lime.

3 comments: said...

i came across ur blog in ashsish's blog dude...remember me...base...national college?
well...all i can say is 'all the best for ur exams'...

CHEEKU said...

MACHA.. good one again.. hehe.. you also seem to have become a "Blogoholic" :)... this time nice rhyming rhyming.. ha ha..

Pooja said...

Good one kartz!...waiting for the time wen merry making will be the prime!....seriously!
n hey! write this stuff wen u bored to study??!....boy! boredom sure does "creative" things to u ;)....