Saturday, June 7, 2008


The time keeps ticking
As I continue to keep flipping,
Page after page
Boredom was so prominently
Sketched on every inch of my face.

I was staring right into the text
It was as though they were alive
Mocking and laughing at my despair.

The exams dawn upon fast and near
There still seems to be no kind of fear
Distinction has been an age old dream
Which now looks like a task upstream!!


priyank said...

last two sentences suits me.. as though u hav written it for me...

CHEEKU said...

what ra mam.. competition huh?? posted at 3:17am.. hmmmm.. distinction is just a month and a half away dude [:P].. pucca..
good poem da... i dunno what else to say.. i try to make each and every line rhyme [:)]... and u sure can write variety unlike me.. keep it UUP!!

Karthik[:)] said...

maga its not just suiting for u...its a universal truth for all the ppl belonging to the same class of being lazy[:P]

ayio not competition maga..the time gets messed up sometimes....and talking abt writing variety n stuff...gotta give u some of the credit my boy..thanks to u i got a blog of my own now[:)]