Friday, June 6, 2008

Brain is fried!!!!!!!

The codes were extremely simple, but atleast orthogonal. More importantly noise was neglected. Noise would add to the transmitted signal C, the results would not be as even with -6 and +6 but would maybe be close to 0, making it harder to decide if this is still a 0 or 1. Additionally, both spread bits were precisely superimposed and both signals were equally strong when they reach the receiver. Assume that B's strength is five times A's strength. Then, C'=A+5*B=(-1,+1,-1,-1,+1,+1)+(-5,-5,+5,-5,+5,-5)=(-6,-4,+4,-6,+6,-4)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What all one must go through to become an engineer!!!!!!


priyank said...

i hav decided to give u one name dude
"MENTAL MADA" ... i think all 8th sem students r thinkin like u only.. includin me.. bt u for got somethin derr.. if u add so much noice den then signal gettin transmitted i.e C ll become weak.. so u should use amplifiers for dat.. n the result might be 1 r 0 bt the probablity of bein 1 s nearer 0 i guess.. top view s de best approach to see de orthogonal thing i guess.. it ll add more flavour if u do multitaskin bt still u hav to upgrade de processor from 64bit to 128 bit... u can use queens algo based on finite automata n u can define virtual functions to handle exceptions bt it ll bcome complicated as a distributed operatin system.. u can also use two diodes in parallel to enhance its performance bt still de noise ll be derr... so dont worry abt dat n write yo exams..

iceman said...

why on earth are you talking biology?

Pooja said...

Aaahh...tell me ...this wat happens wen u try to study too mucH!

Karthik[:)] said...

name accepted....guess subjects like mobile comm in my case n NM in yr case does make u a little mental[:D][:D]

dude this aint bio...u got yr subjects confused...v were actually discussing particle accelerator!!!![:P][:P]

this doesnt happen when u study too much...this happens when u want to study too much with lets say hhmmnn 1.5% success rate[:D][:D]