Sunday, June 22, 2008


A few analogies that comes to my mind with the word Engineering especially in VTU!!!!

Engineering == Test Match Cricket ( 4 gruelling sessions in both!!!! )
Engineering == One Night Stands ( basically preparations before the exams!!! )
Engineering == Results of One Night Stands ( getting F***ed!!!! )
Engineering == Bowling ( U always end up rattled with the question papers just like the pins )
Engineering == Nuts and Bolts ( U always end up getting screwed end of each semesters!!!! )

Well there are many such analogies that can be drawn for engineering, but still the profession sells like hot cakes. Finally I can say that I am an engineer. Yeah even I am into the most fashionable brand of engineering. This statement is very much subject to the condition that I manage to clear the final paper of my under-graduate life. The last paper that we had to take up was Constitution of India and professional ethics. What profession and what ethics one might ask? But all the same its a compulsory subject that requires a mandatory pass to avail a degree certificate. A very basic question occurred to one of my friends when we were preparing ( that word is just a formality ) for CIPE. When the makers of the constitution themselves have taken 4 long years to prepare one then how do people expect us to study the very same thing in a span of 4 weeks or 4 months. Very interesting thought!!!!!!!

Anyways finally the course is complete and I can say that quite an illustrious journey has finally come to an end. It started way back in 2004 when I chose to join my college. Every face was a new one for me sparing probably one or two at the maximum. I realised that I had made a big mistake of opting a college where none of my friends from PU would join me. The starting was really pathetic. I found myself brooding why did I manage to screw up things. I used to think what went wrong that I found myself landing up, in this college where everybody was an alien. I had a pretty tough time adjusting myself to the new environment. I was no extrovert back then and was pretty much hesitant in approaching people and getting myself acquainted with them. While all this was going on there was this one person who actually understood what I was going through. I guess that it was a similar kind of situation for that person too. All thanks to that person, my first few days or rather my first few weeks passed by without much of grumbling. Thank You buddy, I am sure you will be reading this and smiling to yourself thinking what maha did I do?.....But yes your friendship did mean a lot and helped me out of a pretty tough phase.

Well that was four years ago. Now when I look back, I sometimes wonder how time has flown. I ask myself how did we manage to do so many things within a span of four years. After the initial few road-blocks in the first semester I did manage to find myself some really good friends. From there on it has been a roller coaster ride. Be it the cultural events or the sporting events. Be it the night-outs for exams or be it the night-outs for time pass. Everything that I did within this course of time has become so memorable now. It is all history now, and they do say that history does repeat itself. But will it repeat in such a case?
I would not mind if it did reapeat but it should be sans the exams and the studies. The golden period has finally come to an end. The journey which began without any friends has now come to an end with a plethora of unimaginably wonderful friends. Some say that the journey does not matter but the company with which you accomplish the journey matters. Some say that the journey is what matters the most. I would say that the journey matters the most with the best possible company that you get. The company and the set of friends that I got during these four years was simply wonderful. For me the journey was super and the company was even more better.
Signing off with a big thank you and loads of luck to all my wonderful friends who have made these past four years of my life absolutely memorable.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


"Power cannot be not given."

"Power has to be taken."

That does ring a bell right?

Just few days back I managed to watch one of the most eagerly awaited movie of the year, Sarkar Raj. This task was accomplished even though a friend of mine helped me or rather should I say guided me in the most enlightening path possible. What an enlightenment that was. The bugger managed to spill the beans on the entire plot of the film. Even before I had entered the theater I knew what was about to happen.

Ok I need my share of revenge so here goes.

Amitabh Bachchan is paired along with his son and his daughter-in-law. (Hey thats not a surprise I know). Anyways so this tall lanky dude winds up getting married to this short skinny babe(which again is no surprise). The dude is running his dad's business. Which is probably taking down the bad guys and blah blah blah(that too was known I guess). Okay so the most important part is that....................Hhhhhmmmmmnnnnnn okay not going to reveal anything here. I have already been promised that I might find myself hanging upside down by the railings of my balcony. Anyways the point is that the movie is overall an amazing watch.

I was just wondering, when RGV factories can churn out such classics like Sarkar, Sarkar Raj and not to mention the cool gangsta flicks like Company and Satya how do they manage to come up with ultra flob bombs like Aag,Gaayab and Naach. Anyways as far as I can see there has been a slight change in the movies that has been hitting the theatres lately. Indian Cinema has changed I guess. From movies like DDLJ and QSQT we have reached to movies like ChakDe and Lagaan. Its no longer a necessity for the protagonists to run around the same old freaking tree in the same old freaking locations performing the same old freaking antics. I guess its no longer necessary for the hero to vanquish the villians and emerge victorious. People are actually ready to see their favourite starts die on screen. Now thats quite a change in the film industries. I can as well say that Indian Cinema has come of age. Well not exactly Indian Cinema but Bollywood sure has changed by leaps and bounds with movies from different genres, from scifi-flicks to super hero dare-devilry.
I could not stop myself from giving these facts, which are the main reason why I had to add the previous statement.
  • Hero chase villain on horse. Truck comes between hero and villian and is perpendicular to the road. Hero makes horse slide beneath the truck. Horse comes out un-scathed. Chase continues.( What a horse? Self-Healing with amazing sliding techniques. Maybe some of our cricketers can take a leaf out of the horses book and start sliding on the field.)
  • Hero doused in petrol. Rowdy gang throws some 20 lighted match-sticks at him. He escapes ala Matrix-Neo style. He thrashes bad guys. He throws one lighted stick at them. They all on fire. Logic= During fight he transfers petrol from his clothes to the rowdies clothes. ( Now there is a fatal attraction you dont exactly equate with!!!.)
  • This is one of the most mind blowing dialogues I have ever come across till date. "When a normal man touches current he gets a shock.....I am Narasimha. If current touches me current gets a shock!!!!!". Woaow!!! now thats what I call as an electrifying. The dude just nods his head after this and the power supply itself goes kaput!!!!!!!
  • Hero is doctor operating on a patient. Power supply goes. No back-up or ups. No emergency lamp. Patient critical. The dude performs operation under lights generated from other doctors mobiles. ( Hey which hospital is this man?? Mobiles in the operation theatre, no back up, no emergency lights. Wonder how the hospital was running!!!!)
  • This one is also pretty crazy. The big mustache dude is surrounded by rowdies. One tweak of the left part of his mustache the guys to his left go flying, one tweak of his right part of mustache and the guys on the right go flying. Its best to stop here. Guess the director also had the sense to put a full stop at this point. I was seriously wondering what all the dude was gonna tweak to get rid of his enemies.
  • This was an opening scene of a movie. The young hero( for the past approx 40 years) kicks the usual thug. The guy flies and hits the transformer thats roughly 10-12 feet high. Now there is a kick boxer for you!!!!!!
  • Hero being chased by villians( whats new???). Hero jumps into well. Villians throw machete into well. Hero avoids all. Villians now pour petrol into well. But hero very clever. Before petrol reaches him, he sets villian on fire. Logic=Hero takes machetes thrown by villians. Throws back to villians such that it scrapes the walls of the well. Friction causes sparks and sparks ignite petrol and villians are deep fried. Bravo hero what a presence of mind and what mind boggling applications of the laws of physics!!!!!

I am quite sure given a chance anybody will be able to come up with a hundred other instances like this. Maybe thats what they call being creative geniuses. Hats off to those guys for defying every other law of physics and being creative and coming up with ideas and stories completely out of the box. Bow to them all. Including to you for having had the patience to read out this piece of crap about crap movies!!!!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Its the dreaded time of the year
When people like me have nothing to cheer
The feeling which prevails is that of fear
But I still hold enjoyment dear.

June announces the arrival of exams
Its time to draw all kinds of study plans
Sticking to it though is a major scam
I bang my head to the wall wham bam slam.

This will actually be the final time
And the exam bells will no more chime
Merry-making will once again be the prime
And we can all relax with a glass of sweet lime.

Saturday, June 7, 2008


The time keeps ticking
As I continue to keep flipping,
Page after page
Boredom was so prominently
Sketched on every inch of my face.

I was staring right into the text
It was as though they were alive
Mocking and laughing at my despair.

The exams dawn upon fast and near
There still seems to be no kind of fear
Distinction has been an age old dream
Which now looks like a task upstream!!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Brain is fried!!!!!!!

The codes were extremely simple, but atleast orthogonal. More importantly noise was neglected. Noise would add to the transmitted signal C, the results would not be as even with -6 and +6 but would maybe be close to 0, making it harder to decide if this is still a 0 or 1. Additionally, both spread bits were precisely superimposed and both signals were equally strong when they reach the receiver. Assume that B's strength is five times A's strength. Then, C'=A+5*B=(-1,+1,-1,-1,+1,+1)+(-5,-5,+5,-5,+5,-5)=(-6,-4,+4,-6,+6,-4)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What all one must go through to become an engineer!!!!!!