Friday, May 30, 2008


I was just going through a few blogs randomly and I found one where the author has very conveniently described a situation of cricket being played in England. He says that rain in England is similar to a tall man who had suddenly decided to stop over England in his world-wide walk and take a piss. Now thats a nice comparison. What do I say for our very own Bangalore?
Is this the public toilet or what??
Every day it rains without fail just like somebody deciding to take a leak over Bangalore as and when he feels like it, upsetting plans of a thousand other people.
What does this rain bring with it?
A complete chaos on the streets. {would have to say an additional of more chaos with the present traffic conditions}. Nowadays it is much faster to reach a destination by walk rather than taking a vehicle. What with the current road conditions I feel its easier to even manouever a boat on the pavement.
Its easy to sit here and crib about the rain but who knows how many daily breads are depending on the rains. I am just happy that with the rains comes in a very temperate climate that our city is so famous for.
The following is just a common scenario when it rains in Bangalore--
Guy in jayanagar 4th block--"AUTO!!!!!!"...( a few hundred autos whizz past him, failing to even acknowledge the existence of a poor soul getting drenched in the rain!!!!)
After about a gruelling 15 mins and lung crushing screaming finally an auto decides to take pity on the guy.
Guy--"saar banshankari bartira??" [ "boss will you come to banashankari??"]
Poor guy just gets a mere negative nod of the head. All his efforts of trying to stop an auto ends with just two or three irritating nods of the head and the vehicle is gone. After all this the guy manages to stop yet another auto.
Guy--"saar banshankari bartira??" [ "boss will you come to banashankari??"]
Auto-"double agatte" [the fare will be double]
Guy--"double aa?? adu sanjay aar ghantega??" [ double and that too in the evening at 6??]
WTF man??? The auto drivers have a field day when it rains. Not that they need any special occasion to make more money. But charging twice the fare just because it rains when all they have to do is sit under the auto's roof and manuever the stupid vehicle right in the middle of the road. Its a pretty known fact that auto drivers have to put in the minimum of efforts when they drive. That is because the others on the road automatically drive more carefully when they are near autos. I guess it would be an insult to call them auto drivers. They are actually the formula one prospects from India. { Watch out Karthikeyan and Karun got some serious competition out here!!!!!}
The other day my friend kept complaining that all his plans are getting screwed because of the rains. From what he said it looked as though the rains have a planned vendetta against him. Any time he decides to go out the rain decides to party and how?? {As a result of such erratic showers Bangloreans are so fortunate to witness instant waterfalls and fountains. Not many cities provide for such wonderful attractions I guess. The man-hole at the end of the road next to my apartment just springs to life when it rains. The drains over-flow and we are so very lucky to see tiny water-falls emerging here and there. }
It is just as though the guy from the world-wide walk above has decided to give my friend here a daily shower with his constant visit to the urinals!!!!!
Was pretty amused with the relationship of his going out and the clouds deciding to open up. So this is just a small dedication to him. "Holy crap!!!!! Its started raining again I got to run!!!!"


priyank said...

well.. thanx katu... u hav expressed ma frustration in words .. thanx a lot for dat.. yes am de friend one who was complainin abt rain wit him... i was totally frustrated cos of dat.. nice on e ma boy.. keep writin .. i expect some more master pieces from u...

Amit said...

what da running for the best blog prize or what .you are giving a better one with each new one ...keep going my boy.

Pooja said...

LOL!!..the comparison!!!...true...theres absolute chaos on the roads in bangalore when it rains!!.....

CHEEKU said...

5:45- me and mom walking. mom has umbrella over her head and is shouting on top of her voice as the drizzle continues to wet her only son.

5:50- scene is the same. Mom: "u ll fall sick.. u expect to write exams for you?? get under this umbrella"

6:00- we reach home. Mom goes inside and i modestly take my shirt off and run to the terrace :P) (rain intensifies)

6:15- mom screaming on top of her voice "u ll get pneumonia- u ll fall ill..u ll die... whats gone into u today??"

Cheeku on terrace singing : Mungaru maleye and dancing away to glory blissfully unaware...

6:30- completely drenched. As satisfied as having done "that" :P

9:15- reading a post about the rain and feeling all "nostalgic" :)

iceman said...

rain rain go away;
little katu wants to play;
rain rain come again;
katu's blog is leaking disdain(but literally);
he says leaks are a pain;
but all leaks always go down the drain;
but rain it is over and over again;
the overflowing drain and the leaks go in vain;
the infrastructure still remains the bane;
but your blog's pretty sane;

ps: i know i wrote this when i was insane,
please do get back to me as this is never was arcane!!!

priyank said...

this cheeku n iceman took ma mind off dude... terrible.. there comments r makin me remember ma child hood ... ma native wer it ll be rainin for 8 months in a year.. the way i strugled while am goin for skool n all was really a night mare.. no can imagin themselves inma place really.. still pll ll strugle der.. hats off to them.. cheeku u rock dude.. perfect comment for a masterpiece..