Saturday, May 10, 2008

Plummeting face down!!!!!

The sound of the beeper kept ringing at consistent intervals.
There was a school boyish kind of anticipation and excitement in me. I was standing in a queue which was moving quite fast compared to the other queue. Finally I reached the desk and my number was called out. I was made to sign at a particular place and the noted symbol of the indelible ink was smeared on my index finger. At last I had reached the EVM and there again was the echoing of the familiar beep, as I cast my vote. I had finally become a part of the government. The very same government which we blame and point a finger at, if they do not function properly. Whoever said that voting does not make a difference. Every vote counts. I am sure that even one single vote could well be the difference between a bad government and an able government. The experience was new. The feeling of finally having voted was yet to sink in, when there was another beep. This time it was not the EVM but my cell carrying the news which made me plummet from a euphoric feeling of having voted for the first time, into the depths of sadness.

It all started off with a rumour. The rumour was that one of our lecturers from the Maths Dept. had passed away. Her name was Nalini.C. The messages started pouring in and it was finally confirmed that not only our lecturer but also her husband and her daughter had passed away in an unfortunate road accident. She was one of my most favourite staff members in the college. I could very well say that I took an even more keen interest in Maths because of her. The fact that a couple of days back the lecturer who applauded us for our mad-ads show on college day is now no more with us, was hard to digest. Its a very unfortunate thing to happen to anybody. Life is so unfair at times. The car in which they were travelling rolled down the cliff. The thought of the people inside the car sends a chill down my spine. This was a situation where everybody in the car knew their fate and all they could do was wait for the end to come. Life is so very short and unpredictable. You never know what fate has in store for you. This post is entirely dedicated to my Lecturer. I pray to the Almighty that their souls rest in peace.



CHEEKU said...

Maga.. good work da.. I dint vote. i know.. shame on me.. but couldnt help.. lethargy got better of me by the end of the day!! :P
I dint have a voters id card plus i wasnt even sure if my name was there in the voters list... so..
And.. yeah.. rather unfortunate news.. May their souls rest in peace!!

Amit said...

now this is what i say is blogging ..GOOD 1

Karthik[:)] said...

better start voting mate
cud make a difference!!!

thanks buddy
keep visiting!!!

Ashwini said...

This was the same day I voted for the first time too :) And to top it, it was my birthday and it felt really good to be doing the right thing on my birthday :)