Saturday, May 24, 2008


"The a**h*le has the audacity to name his pooch after me? Somebody else is taking a dig at what I do in my profession. There is comparison that HE is better than me........."

Its not too difficult to figure out who might be thinking on the above lines. Ever wondered where the roots of blogging come from. What was supposed to be a personal diary has now evolved into what is called as modern day blogging. From personal diaries to online diaries and to the latest fad blogs. Its a mad mad world out there and everybody has the liberty to express what he or she feels like. No wonder nowadays the celebrities' blogs are front page articles in the newspapers. Everybody is a diarist and a blogger. The all important and attention grabbing blogs are from the celebrities from the film industry. They make better reading articles than the usual run around the mill gossip that keeps popping up here and there.

Somebody's blog is the talk of the nation and somebody else's blog slanders a fellow stars name. There has never been a better way to express oneself and seriously there has never been a better source of entertainment than this. Its hilarious to see stars having a go at each other and then apologising for it. Leaves me in splits!!!!
Would love to see more blogs coming up from other prominent people. Something probably on the following lines--
  • Somebody blogging about how his ideas have revolutionised the Indian Railways or how cows and cattle have a huge influence in his life.( Probably might require a bit of translation but its worth the trouble!!!!!!)
  • Or maybe somebody venting his anger on his team's dismal performance or how his team being called the misfits in the most eye catching tourney just because they are on the other side of the 30's!!!!!!
  • Or maybe somebody blogging about why he was not allowed to be with his team or people criticising him for his non-demure attitude in supporting his franchise!!!!
  • Or maybe somebody blogging about how taking rural trips and mingling with the tribals will help him to garner support for the race to power!!!!!
  • Or it could be some one's blog who keeps claiming to be acting in his last film but churns out mega hits every year, while romancing ladies 1/3rd his age on the silver screen!!!!
  • Or it might be even a blog from somebody who keeps denying to team up with his tennis partner because of personal conflicts!!!!!
  • Or maybe from a politician from the state claiming divine intervention in his political career and requesting votes just because he missed his son's oath taking ceremony the last time!!!!( talk about begging for power...ppl dont just give up when it comes to power and money do they??? )
  • Or it could be a blog by someone who could reason out his opinion for controlling a waterfall that is not in his state or jurisdiction.
  • And last but not the least it could be blogs about our very own bolly stars again where they could claim to be just friends and nothing else.
To be frank there will be a hundred other possible blogs that I would love to see. To an extent blogs are quite informative. May not be the typical encyclopedia but certain facts and figures can be extracted from a few. Bottom line--no blog is a waste!!!
Wondering how my blog is not useless??...Well it could be taken as an example for a "bad example"....It sure does qualifies for the slot!!!!!
Till then three cheers for blogs and the raging battle between celebs......Bring it on!!!!!
Note--This is inspired by an article that I read today in the paper by a regular columnist in Times of India!!!!!!


Swathi said...

dont want to see a blog about random complaints about growing up and budding philosophy? :P

Hey, How're you? been a while and all. I'm in bangalore btw. :)

CHEEKU said...

Macha.. sooper post ra.. i typed one full length comment and bloody it was lost in what blogger called "duplication error"- wonder what it meant.. anyways.. u must watch "this week that wasn't" on CNN-IBN. your post somehow reminded me of that.. If your future posts continue to be like this, I wont have to subscribe to newspaper :P
Way to go.. keep blogging!!!

Karthik[:)] said...

u r way above my understandin...have haeard that ppl go bonkers and their brain wires gets fried with too much of literature n stuff!!!!!!
gimme a call...dont have yr number

wonderin wat was in the missed comment...yeah will keep wat u said in mind!!!;-)

Pooja said...

hey!!!!!..u read Shobhaa De??!!....dint know!...good one though, liked it :)....oh n yeah...the week tat wasnt in cnn-ibn...i agree wt yr fren..its hilarious!....must watch...

Swathi said...

get fried it seems. and just for the record, i write daily stuff, yo. NO "literature", if it indeed is as abstruse/inaccessible a thing as you suggest. :|
In short, not too pleased about your "slight" to what i do.

and how am i supposed to have had your number?