Monday, April 7, 2008


The race was very intense. It was going to be a photo finish. I was sure that these kind of races were very competitive and were held all around the world. The only drawback of such races was that it never received any media coverage. Well how will you expect media coverage for races involving you and the second hand of the clock!!!!!!
This was a daily scenario at my house during my school days. The bell would ring precisely at 11.15 and the gates would be closed at 11.20. The hour hand had passed 11, twelve minutes ago and the second hand was racing towards completing the 13th minute and, I was racing against the second hand. I was trying to put on my shoes and at the same time searching for the house keys. My parents would go off to work by 8.30, and locking up the house and leaving for school was my resposibility. That fortunate day was the begining of the adventure that I am writing about. We stayed in an apartment. There were about 7 buildings with 4 floors each and each of the buildings housed around 50 odd flats. Our flat was on the Ist floor and on that particular day I was running extremely late for school and I had managed to lose the house keys. Was it due to the fact that I was late or was it due to the fact that I was careless. The reason is not known, but that day I ran out of the house and pulled the door behind me without the keys.

The adventure started when I reached back home. Fortunately that day I had left our balcony door open. I made my way around the building and surveyed my chances of climbing my way into the house. Believe it or not there was no shortage of an audience to watch a monkey climb to his house. I took permisison from the ground floor people and started the ascent to my balcony.I made my way up the grills of their balcony and found myself on the perch or slab just below my window. The height of the window was just a little too high for me to climb on to. And to my good luck there was this pipe running exactly in the middle of the perch and the window sledge. I climbed on to the sledge using the pipe as the support and then jumped onto my open balcony.
MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!!!!!!! I can bet that I have left a mark of my achievement by bending a straight passing pipe into a U-tube!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After this feat I was looking forward to doing such antics every now and again. It became a sort of pass-time for me. Actually it even extended to doing crazy stuffs like going from one balcony to the other hanging from the windows and climbing up and down the skylight of the buildings.

Well why am I writing about this at this unearthly hour??[It shows 12.30 but its actually close to 2.30 in the morning]...Today being the begining of the new year (UGADI), the festivities at my house was quite big. Festivals have their own significance in peoples lives. But when it comes to people like me festivals mean sweets, holiday and an appetite that increases exponentially because of the variety of food prepared. Today was no different. I am stuffed till my throat and being a holiday I fell asleep in the morning. So here I am posting this blog without even a hint of sleep in my eyes. I was standing in my balcony sometime back watching the man trying to climb onto the poles tied up as ladders in the opposite building. He was preparing for somebodys marriage tomorrow I guess. So now you know from where the theme of this blog originated. Every event is like a chain in the memory which keeps linking one event to the other. I am signing off here with more on links coming soon. Till then wish everyone of you a very very Happy Ugadi.


priyank said...

thanx for sharin yo nice memory wit us dude... i know how much somberi ur.. ur timin sense s super.. IST [indian stretchable timin] ..n ur presence of mind.. blog shows it all hehe..nyways nice one dude..

Ashwini said...

How old were you when you climbed into the balcony?? :)