Friday, April 25, 2008

Madads II

Has anyone ever imagined that acting like mad people on stage infront of a minimum of thousand eyeballs just glaring at you, could ever be praiseworthy or could fetch you awards and cash prizes???

Well thats what Madads is all about. Most people have a misconception that madads literally means to act like crazy,brainless nutters on stage. Thats not what its all about. I for one have been a part of a wonderful team. When I joined BNMIT I had a very faint idea of what madads was all about. I still remember that very fortunate evening when there was a crowd of about nine people sitting in front of our canteen along with our lecturer, who was actually supporting us to form a team for madads. I believe the thought originated when some of the guys had gone to the nature club trip and then we all got together to perform a skit( the skit was pretty lame if u think about it now!!!!!!!!!). That very fortunate day our team was formed. Imagine we started out our career in madads calling ourselves ...............Censored!!!!!!

We were up against the Pacemakers who were the then champions of madads from our college. The show was not exactly a runaway hit but it was also not bad either. We managed a second place in college and that gave us the confidence that we could also make people laugh and perform well on stage. Thats when the journey all began. From that day onwards till the 3rd of May 2008 , Simply Adjust Maadi has had a roller coaster ride from one end of the city to the other end (speaking in literal terms...from MVJCE to DBIT!!!!!). It has been the journey of a team which has seen the ups, downs and also faced the stiffest competition from many good teams in Bangalore. Whether it be the fascinating debut win in UTSAV (BMSCE Fest) or whether it be the final performance in college on May 3rd. I can now say that SAM has seen it all.
There have been quite a few highs of SAM. One of the greatest compliment that we have ever received was when we had been to IIIT-Bangalore this year. We were the winners of the mad-ads event when they had conducted the fest the previous year. One of our friends from IIIT came upto us and actually said that, they had arranged for the judges to judge the event by showing them our previous years performance. That was the biggest compliment that we could have ever received. It gave us a feeling of being the trend-setters of mad-ads in IIIT. Two of our best wins have come in IIIT itself. There can be no comparison to the feeling that we all got when we were praised for our performances. Performing in front of the crowd is an all together a different kind of high.
I do not want to be too boastful or vain about our performances. But we do take pride in what we have done as a team. We not only participated in mad-ads but we also ended up winning in street play. It was a one off thing, but the only place where we took part in street play we bagged a prize. This apart we have managed to conjure 9 different scripts for different performances. Though some of them were a let down, we never lost heart. And also we have managed to come up with more than 30 performances as a mad-ads team. Not being vain here but I can proudly say that we have managed to entertain audiences in most of the places where we performed. Probably the only black mark in our career as SAM would be our performance in PESIT in 2006. Maybe thats why this years victory was so sweet. All in all a fantastic journey has finally come to an end. As a final note from the team's perspective I am sure we are all going to miss some wonderful mad-ads teams like Complete Chaos,No Idea,Team Alone, etc.
I could go on writing about SAM but this itself has become quite a long post. In my previous post I missed out on a couple of members of SAM.

Our team Huchcha----Abhiram P Cuntoor
The tallest member of SAM. More famous as Loosepant Linganatha from the good old concept of skit in second semester. He is one of the most funniest guy you will find on stage. He has this weird sense of comic timing that nobody can deny. You tell him one thing and he will end up doing another, but the bottom line is it pays off. Out of words to describe much about him here. Just see his acting to know what I am talking about.

Our team Zombie----Amith.S.S
Yeah this guy was a part of SAM during its inchoate stages. This is one multifaceted guy who has talent overflowing in almost every field. A musical genius (BNM idol), an amazing tennis, table-tennis, badminton, basketball and cricket player. I always run out of words when it comes to speaking about Amith. This guy is better known as zombie because of his straight face which shows a lack of expressions, but trust me these are the kind of people who can make you laugh the hardest and the loudest.

That brings me to the end of SAM. I was just thinking that this post could well be the final talk about SAM. But something tells me that I will be coming up with more related posts. Till then SIMPLY ADJUST MAADI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


priyank said...

nice buddy... it makes me remember ma old days... i almost hav tear in ma eyes.. cant forget anythin related wit mad ads... just am gonna miss it dats all..

Pooja said...

woooooooow kartz !!...really liked this piece!...u gettin better n better !..n oh boy!..did u say SAMs given 30 odd performances??!..thats super cool!...hehe...m sure all of us will miss SAM....the coll day/ethnic day performance had us all rolling wt laughter!!

shashank said...

I still cannot believe that its all over,.... its all over.
I am still hoping that my phone will ring and i hear irritated harsha or priyank on the on the other end yelling." %^&** magane practice magdana baro."

Kartz.. "maneg hogana" "maneg hogana" hooge bitvallo...

somebody turn back time... please and loop it

Abhiram said...

Dude great Blog....
Those good old marvelous SAM days...
I can never forget it.
The first victory at BMS fest is so fresh in my memory.
It was just too good ( words cant describe the moments we spent as a team) ...
Gaushhhh...... I really miss SAM.