Sunday, April 27, 2008

Mad-ads-The final performance

The euphoria still has not set in. The applause and the cheers are still ringing in my ears. It was a fitting and perfect swan song for Simply Adjust Maadi(SAM). I guess none of us could have asked for a better exit from the mad-ads arena. It was simlpy an out of this world experience to have the support of more than five hundred people screaming out and cheering for us. The journey has finally come to an end with this performance and fittingly it has ended with a bang. Call it "co-incidence" or call it "sheer luck" or call it simply "an out-standing performance", we started also with a bang by winning the event in BMSCE and now we are hanging up our boots after winning the 2nd place in PESIT. To be precise we have won where it matters the most and I am sure that the PESIT crowd will definitely remember our performance.
The feeling still has not sunk in that there will not be anymore mad-ads for us. I guess there will be a time when it will actually sink in just like an anchor falling into the depths of the ocean. This is the best mad-ads team that I could have ever been a part of. I am 100% sure that given a choice to join any mad-ads team in Bangalore I will be always a part of this team. This team totally rocks. On a personal note I would like to dedicate this win to all my team mates. Without their contribution this would never have been possible. And obvioulsy I would also like to specially dedicate this win to each and every one of our friends who came all the way to PESIT just to cheer for us. I am pretty sure that without you guys this would not have been the same memorable experience for us as it is right now. Here is a little insight on the members of SAM.
Our team narrator----SriHarsha.H.S
I have not heard many people who can better his stint behind the microphone. The different kinds of sounds and the different styles of mimicry that he manages to do is simply awesome. The main reason why our team has managed to do so well is just because of this guy. I really am a very big fan of his narration. There are a very few people who can match up to his quality.
Our team Betala----Priyank Rao
One look at this fellow and I am pretty sure that you will discard him off as a bed-ridden psycho. But the punch that this guy brings into his acting on stage is amazing. He is too good with his antics on stage and always manages to come up with something really funny. If the audience is laughing its guts out then I can bet on it that 8 out of 10 times it has to be some ad related to Priyank.
Our team Official slogan boy------Arun K.V
Be it brains or be it creativity this guy is a notch above the rest. He sometimes does talk a lot!!!!!
Jokes apart, he does come up with some out of the world slogans for our ads and has a unique and funny way of delivering them on stage. Bow to you buddy!!!!!
Our team babe!!!-------Sanmathi G.B
This guy is simply a born performer. His stage presence is brilliant. His ability to act naturally on stage is an added bonus to our team. Apart from his acting he is the 'Missin' guy of the team. I am sure its easier to get dates for a top notch bollywood actress compared to getting hold of this guy. The most humourous and the most witty person of our team. His on the spot one-liners is often the only stress buster during our tense situations.
Our team unaninous fav-------Chinmay Lokesh
This so very popular guy is probably the one of the best actors of the team. He is not only liked by the audiences but also a favourite among the team. His pjs certainly cannot be forgotten. Most of all his Anniyan act that he sometimes puts up. Bow to you too buddy.
Our team shorty----------Shashank Katte
No one knows when he arrives and when he leaves on the stage. He is the most important guy next to Arun. I guess he can also be called as the official team substitute for slogans. Was not there with us for some of the performances but an integral part of the team. Comes up with some really good ideas once in a while.
Our team dancer------Trilok .K
One of the best dancers that I have seen in our college. The choreographer of most of our acts on stage. His moves on the stage and his keen sense of performance has been an added bonus to our team. Without him some of the ads that we have done would never have achieved the success that it has got till date.
There were a few others with us who were a part of the team but were not so consistent. This post is totally dedicated to the above mentioned guys. I totally am going to miss Simply Adjust Maadi. You guys rock big time and I am at a loss of words to describe how proud I am to be a part of SAM. There is simply no beating you guys when it comes to being together as a mad-ads team.

P.S--Bow to the tremendous crowd support that we got from our college. It certainly was the best crowd that we have performed for till date.


CHEEKU said...

Hey maga,
Seriously, writing is one of the biggest stress busters. No wonder I have so many posts to my name. He he... Very nice posts. I read the "happy days" also.. Mad ads..
Change is the only thing that is constant. Only this saying is pushing me to remain mum over the entire final year ka drama :P
But as u rightly put it.. Who knows: VTU can come up with shockers!!

shashank said...

Kartz my boy...
Even god cannot take away the euphoria of those eight minutes...

P;S: Kartz: This coconut tree is one of the most talented guys in our team, even lord Shiva envies him and actress Trisha takes dance lessons from him...though he is troubled by betal(the ghost)these days :-D

iceman said...

i had to think for 20 minutes before i actually posted this comment, and i can still think of nothing!

i just lost words.
a lot of them.

you are one helluva emotional freak, and u just pushed my limits too.

i've seen the ups and downs of my emotions feeding on me like crazy these two days.
pesit yesterday, and your write up today.

you just put up the requiem of simply adjust maadi.
and it feels like i've lost something that i cant have again for the rest of my life.

our team has only become better, thanks to you.
quod erat demonstrandum.

priyank said...

hey ma boy....
its nice to hear such a nice comments abt simply adjust madi... v had so many ups n downs til now bt i never felt like leavin de team r somethin bad like dat ..its just cos of all ma team mates n ur support..

PS: Shivappa of our team:Karthik
this guy s really a very good energy booster of our team.. kind of emotional bt he gets along wit everyone so easily.. i never forget de moments i hav spent wit u ma friend...
hatsoff to u[;)]

priyank said...

one more thing s abt our last performance.. its one of de golden moments of ma life... i cant forget PESIT.. thanx to ma friend n ma college mates who were der to encourage us...simply i loveu all...

sri harsha said...

Katu boy... it's simply awesome maga... Seriously i'm in tears... what to say.. i always dreamt that our mad ads team would be famous. now it has come true and HOW!!!! god now i wish we were there in college for some more years giving the same kind of performances.and ya

Most of the time he says banro manege hogana!!.. But becomes very serious before performing. The most helping guy of the team ,be it taking a video, bringing a car, place for practise , he comes up with a solution each time... love u to the power of infinity man...

maverick said...

if iceman thought for 20 minutes, imagine me i had to think for such a long time, sorry for the delayed response but i was lost for words all these days, even now i have no words. but will sure put down few .

if there was a day i ll rememnber for a lifetime, it wud be aatmatrisha. katz dancing to trisha, priyank being betal part 2. aactually i wud say betal tried to be priyank. and sanmathi presence makn the performance sunny n bright, triboy always being natural, arun n katte teaming to be the slogan boys has been a wonderful and successful combo,n to be hinest i m a big fan of BMG's acting, n for me being shakeela n shama n shakuni mama n gowda the 4th it was huge identity crisis. n lastly harsha, team voice, i still wonder wat if i narrated. a fitting finale to a wonderful team which has won wher it mattered the most. a big middle finger to LMT from my side. i know this s a comment not my blog, but when gates are open the water has to flow n katz ur blog has got me to tell a lot. will keep this short SAM rocks.

maverick said...

yeah now abt u katz, such a wonderful friend to be with, i read the blog everytime i visit the community. u rock.

Sanmathi Bharamgouda said...

Maga..Miss those days..the applause..the cheers..the crowd..the support..priceless..!!
this post keeps that feeling alive..:)

Sanmathi Bharamgouda said...

miss those days maga..seriously..the cheers..the applause..the support..and this post keeps that feeling alive..!!