Thursday, April 3, 2008

Its been more than a month. The wait is getting to my mind. Its the dreaded wait and the feeling of walking on the edge of the sword. There comes a time in peoples lives when they feel like doing nothing at all. By nothing I mean literally nothing. Its been more than three months and I am still waiting for the so called ticket for an MS. Yes the all so important admit to any university. Sometimes the wait just gets to me. Especially when I realize that friends of mine have already received an admit. Questions keep popping into my head. I keep wondering whether I will be able to go for a post graduation. There is a certain kind of feeling that makes me feel that I am good enough and capable enough of doing a PG. But again there is this other feeling and also the acceptance of the harsh reality that I may not be so worthy after all. Reason----No admit till date.

Its pretty unbelievable when just a small little piece of paper holds so much of importance in ones life. Its not the end of the world if I do not get an admit. But it will be the same as throwing away all the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle and starting all over again from the scratch. On the other hand just one A4 sized sheet holds the key to completing the jigsaw puzzle at the moment. It will be like all the pieces falling into their respective places automatically once I receive the admit. I guess hope is the only driving factor at this point of time. I am still hoping for the best. But as for now the wait just continues.....................................................

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