Saturday, April 5, 2008

An international affair!!!!!!

The internet connection was slow at this time of the night. I could imagine the thousands of users sharing the same bandwidth along with me. I could imagine the majority of them trying to download movies or songs or other multimedia files. There were probably hundreds of others chatting,or playing online games and so on. All this while my browser was still showing the dreaded and the most irritating status in the internet jargon. It was still showing Loading......

I resolved myself for another few minutes wait. Waiting to see the status change from Loading....I was waiting for the page to reveal its contents. Finally the page loaded and its contents was revelaed. It was similar to the opening of the screen in the theater before a movie starts. I was expecting to see the monotonous status of my application. Expecting that it would say
Decision Awaiting
To the Dept for Review.

I could not believe my eyes at first when I saw that the decision had been made and the decision was an admit. It was like a mirage. I was half expecting it to just vanish. But there it was. Finally after a loooooooong wait I had received an admit into a University. It was time for celebrations.

That is how the picture should be at the moment right??
Well all thanks to the basic fact that we are all humans that am afraid is not the scenario now. I have got an admit true, but being a human I still have the desire to want more. Its natural for human beings or even animals to want more. I want more.Having received an admit for one university now,I want to get hold of another admit to another university. Its pretty obvious that people want the best things in life. I am still hoping for admits from universities that are a few rungs above the university that I have got an admit for. There is a thin line of difference for wanting more for yourself and being greedy. This is a situation of being both. So for the time being the
Wait continues......................


CHEEKU said...

Well, firstly congratulations maga for the admit.. I was also all hopes initially till practicality dawned on me. I have finalized on UTA which was the first admit I got. Still so much to be done. The Visa thing. Biggest hurdle we have in front of us. As far as blogging.. Good work.. Nice start.. dont lose this josh.. keep blogging.. enjoy madi.. god bless!

Amit said...

dudei liked it keep blogging on all the best..........

pooja said...

keep blogging kartz!! good work!....n good to see ya writing, finally !:)..n 'bout admits frm other varsities...i'd like to qoute from The Alchemist "when you really want something to happen the whole universe conspires to make your wishes come true."....keep the faith..:)

ARUN said...

congrats on the admit kat!
and surprise, surprise, u dont just have a blog, u have an archive of blogs!
and it took me all the time in the world to read all of your blogs.
worth the time spent though!
hope you make it to the best of the universities!!!!!!!!
as you say, there is a thin line! a really thin line. and we all want everything on the other side of the line!!

ananda said...

Ok...nice blog huh!! When did that spiderman thing happen? In kolkata or Blore?
N many congrats for making it all the way...n as said by your friends...there are more hurdles to clear before u finally make the cut...n i am sure u will..those are just formalities. Keep it up!!