Saturday, April 19, 2008

Happy Days???

Finally the semester is coming to an end. The most eagerly awaited day in my engineering life is fast approaching. The most haunting question is about to be answered. The question that I have been pondering over. "When will I complete my engineering and pass out?"

Fast forward 6 semesters and 3 years to the current date. Now I wish college life never ends. As they say these really are the golden days of our lives. At the moment I am at the threshold of completely stepping out of the doors of being an under-graduate. Its that time of the year where in I will be called a graduate( conditions apply!!!!! you never know when VTU is going to give you a heart attack). Just the thought of ending college life and splitting with all the wonderful friends that I have made over these four years makes me feel so dispirited. As my future plans unravel themselves, I have begun to realize that my golden period of college is unfortunately coming to an end. There certainly are going to be some very very good things that I am going to miss about college. For instance
  • coming late to class everyday and being greeted to the very familiar and bellowing voice of our principal
  • the usual routine of having no attendance in most of the subjects
  • the running around for making up the internal marks
  • the night outs with friends, on the pretext of joint studies( yeah chin n harsh n u 2 arun...really gonna miss all that)
  • the get-togethers to discuss scripts and ideas but eventually ending up killing time( I am sure my mad-ads team-mates will agree to it)
  • the inter collegiate fests...also the intra college competitions
  • I cannot forget the fun we have had sitting and killing time in the hostel( hari,somu,pheku,venky,amit and offcourse our Spartan...dudes i sure m gonna miss the good times!!!!!)
  • the usual adda in front of the canteen
  • the idlis,vadas and masala dosas at SLV!!!!!
  • not to forget the eat outs and hang outs!!!
  • bunking college and going for movies
  • playing all sorts of games( m sure zombie and harsha are gonna agree to the innovative and refreshing games that we played in the sports room!!!!!!!!!)
and so on and on and on..............

Actually speaking the list is endless. College life has no substitute. I read a blog of a friend of mine who has just about finished his college. It surely is that time of the year when college will for once be really missed. I guess this is just the first of many such posts that I may end up posting.!!!!!!!



maverick said...

nice 1, but life goes on

somayajulu said...

dude jus happens.... its been wonderful meetin u and let me tel ya one secret... u were the first guy to whom i spoke in college wen i came straight from the CET cell n i bet u don remember this bt i do...

Amit said...

dodo (ya from nick name game)
yar it so true ..i thought it will be just matter of time and we all come over it ...but its not so...anyways
yours college days and friendship is not going to get over just get that MS thing meanwhile surly going to miss u too ....

Hashish said...

i am sure the list is endless dude...but as pointed out rightly we have to move another set of intersections and remember that life is not a complex problem to be solved but a gift to be enjoyed...