Sunday, April 27, 2008

Mad-ads-The final performance

The euphoria still has not set in. The applause and the cheers are still ringing in my ears. It was a fitting and perfect swan song for Simply Adjust Maadi(SAM). I guess none of us could have asked for a better exit from the mad-ads arena. It was simlpy an out of this world experience to have the support of more than five hundred people screaming out and cheering for us. The journey has finally come to an end with this performance and fittingly it has ended with a bang. Call it "co-incidence" or call it "sheer luck" or call it simply "an out-standing performance", we started also with a bang by winning the event in BMSCE and now we are hanging up our boots after winning the 2nd place in PESIT. To be precise we have won where it matters the most and I am sure that the PESIT crowd will definitely remember our performance.
The feeling still has not sunk in that there will not be anymore mad-ads for us. I guess there will be a time when it will actually sink in just like an anchor falling into the depths of the ocean. This is the best mad-ads team that I could have ever been a part of. I am 100% sure that given a choice to join any mad-ads team in Bangalore I will be always a part of this team. This team totally rocks. On a personal note I would like to dedicate this win to all my team mates. Without their contribution this would never have been possible. And obvioulsy I would also like to specially dedicate this win to each and every one of our friends who came all the way to PESIT just to cheer for us. I am pretty sure that without you guys this would not have been the same memorable experience for us as it is right now. Here is a little insight on the members of SAM.
Our team narrator----SriHarsha.H.S
I have not heard many people who can better his stint behind the microphone. The different kinds of sounds and the different styles of mimicry that he manages to do is simply awesome. The main reason why our team has managed to do so well is just because of this guy. I really am a very big fan of his narration. There are a very few people who can match up to his quality.
Our team Betala----Priyank Rao
One look at this fellow and I am pretty sure that you will discard him off as a bed-ridden psycho. But the punch that this guy brings into his acting on stage is amazing. He is too good with his antics on stage and always manages to come up with something really funny. If the audience is laughing its guts out then I can bet on it that 8 out of 10 times it has to be some ad related to Priyank.
Our team Official slogan boy------Arun K.V
Be it brains or be it creativity this guy is a notch above the rest. He sometimes does talk a lot!!!!!
Jokes apart, he does come up with some out of the world slogans for our ads and has a unique and funny way of delivering them on stage. Bow to you buddy!!!!!
Our team babe!!!-------Sanmathi G.B
This guy is simply a born performer. His stage presence is brilliant. His ability to act naturally on stage is an added bonus to our team. Apart from his acting he is the 'Missin' guy of the team. I am sure its easier to get dates for a top notch bollywood actress compared to getting hold of this guy. The most humourous and the most witty person of our team. His on the spot one-liners is often the only stress buster during our tense situations.
Our team unaninous fav-------Chinmay Lokesh
This so very popular guy is probably the one of the best actors of the team. He is not only liked by the audiences but also a favourite among the team. His pjs certainly cannot be forgotten. Most of all his Anniyan act that he sometimes puts up. Bow to you too buddy.
Our team shorty----------Shashank Katte
No one knows when he arrives and when he leaves on the stage. He is the most important guy next to Arun. I guess he can also be called as the official team substitute for slogans. Was not there with us for some of the performances but an integral part of the team. Comes up with some really good ideas once in a while.
Our team dancer------Trilok .K
One of the best dancers that I have seen in our college. The choreographer of most of our acts on stage. His moves on the stage and his keen sense of performance has been an added bonus to our team. Without him some of the ads that we have done would never have achieved the success that it has got till date.
There were a few others with us who were a part of the team but were not so consistent. This post is totally dedicated to the above mentioned guys. I totally am going to miss Simply Adjust Maadi. You guys rock big time and I am at a loss of words to describe how proud I am to be a part of SAM. There is simply no beating you guys when it comes to being together as a mad-ads team.

P.S--Bow to the tremendous crowd support that we got from our college. It certainly was the best crowd that we have performed for till date.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Madads II

Has anyone ever imagined that acting like mad people on stage infront of a minimum of thousand eyeballs just glaring at you, could ever be praiseworthy or could fetch you awards and cash prizes???

Well thats what Madads is all about. Most people have a misconception that madads literally means to act like crazy,brainless nutters on stage. Thats not what its all about. I for one have been a part of a wonderful team. When I joined BNMIT I had a very faint idea of what madads was all about. I still remember that very fortunate evening when there was a crowd of about nine people sitting in front of our canteen along with our lecturer, who was actually supporting us to form a team for madads. I believe the thought originated when some of the guys had gone to the nature club trip and then we all got together to perform a skit( the skit was pretty lame if u think about it now!!!!!!!!!). That very fortunate day our team was formed. Imagine we started out our career in madads calling ourselves ...............Censored!!!!!!

We were up against the Pacemakers who were the then champions of madads from our college. The show was not exactly a runaway hit but it was also not bad either. We managed a second place in college and that gave us the confidence that we could also make people laugh and perform well on stage. Thats when the journey all began. From that day onwards till the 3rd of May 2008 , Simply Adjust Maadi has had a roller coaster ride from one end of the city to the other end (speaking in literal terms...from MVJCE to DBIT!!!!!). It has been the journey of a team which has seen the ups, downs and also faced the stiffest competition from many good teams in Bangalore. Whether it be the fascinating debut win in UTSAV (BMSCE Fest) or whether it be the final performance in college on May 3rd. I can now say that SAM has seen it all.
There have been quite a few highs of SAM. One of the greatest compliment that we have ever received was when we had been to IIIT-Bangalore this year. We were the winners of the mad-ads event when they had conducted the fest the previous year. One of our friends from IIIT came upto us and actually said that, they had arranged for the judges to judge the event by showing them our previous years performance. That was the biggest compliment that we could have ever received. It gave us a feeling of being the trend-setters of mad-ads in IIIT. Two of our best wins have come in IIIT itself. There can be no comparison to the feeling that we all got when we were praised for our performances. Performing in front of the crowd is an all together a different kind of high.
I do not want to be too boastful or vain about our performances. But we do take pride in what we have done as a team. We not only participated in mad-ads but we also ended up winning in street play. It was a one off thing, but the only place where we took part in street play we bagged a prize. This apart we have managed to conjure 9 different scripts for different performances. Though some of them were a let down, we never lost heart. And also we have managed to come up with more than 30 performances as a mad-ads team. Not being vain here but I can proudly say that we have managed to entertain audiences in most of the places where we performed. Probably the only black mark in our career as SAM would be our performance in PESIT in 2006. Maybe thats why this years victory was so sweet. All in all a fantastic journey has finally come to an end. As a final note from the team's perspective I am sure we are all going to miss some wonderful mad-ads teams like Complete Chaos,No Idea,Team Alone, etc.
I could go on writing about SAM but this itself has become quite a long post. In my previous post I missed out on a couple of members of SAM.

Our team Huchcha----Abhiram P Cuntoor
The tallest member of SAM. More famous as Loosepant Linganatha from the good old concept of skit in second semester. He is one of the most funniest guy you will find on stage. He has this weird sense of comic timing that nobody can deny. You tell him one thing and he will end up doing another, but the bottom line is it pays off. Out of words to describe much about him here. Just see his acting to know what I am talking about.

Our team Zombie----Amith.S.S
Yeah this guy was a part of SAM during its inchoate stages. This is one multifaceted guy who has talent overflowing in almost every field. A musical genius (BNM idol), an amazing tennis, table-tennis, badminton, basketball and cricket player. I always run out of words when it comes to speaking about Amith. This guy is better known as zombie because of his straight face which shows a lack of expressions, but trust me these are the kind of people who can make you laugh the hardest and the loudest.

That brings me to the end of SAM. I was just thinking that this post could well be the final talk about SAM. But something tells me that I will be coming up with more related posts. Till then SIMPLY ADJUST MAADI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Happy Days???

Finally the semester is coming to an end. The most eagerly awaited day in my engineering life is fast approaching. The most haunting question is about to be answered. The question that I have been pondering over. "When will I complete my engineering and pass out?"

Fast forward 6 semesters and 3 years to the current date. Now I wish college life never ends. As they say these really are the golden days of our lives. At the moment I am at the threshold of completely stepping out of the doors of being an under-graduate. Its that time of the year where in I will be called a graduate( conditions apply!!!!! you never know when VTU is going to give you a heart attack). Just the thought of ending college life and splitting with all the wonderful friends that I have made over these four years makes me feel so dispirited. As my future plans unravel themselves, I have begun to realize that my golden period of college is unfortunately coming to an end. There certainly are going to be some very very good things that I am going to miss about college. For instance
  • coming late to class everyday and being greeted to the very familiar and bellowing voice of our principal
  • the usual routine of having no attendance in most of the subjects
  • the running around for making up the internal marks
  • the night outs with friends, on the pretext of joint studies( yeah chin n harsh n u 2 arun...really gonna miss all that)
  • the get-togethers to discuss scripts and ideas but eventually ending up killing time( I am sure my mad-ads team-mates will agree to it)
  • the inter collegiate fests...also the intra college competitions
  • I cannot forget the fun we have had sitting and killing time in the hostel( hari,somu,pheku,venky,amit and offcourse our Spartan...dudes i sure m gonna miss the good times!!!!!)
  • the usual adda in front of the canteen
  • the idlis,vadas and masala dosas at SLV!!!!!
  • not to forget the eat outs and hang outs!!!
  • bunking college and going for movies
  • playing all sorts of games( m sure zombie and harsha are gonna agree to the innovative and refreshing games that we played in the sports room!!!!!!!!!)
and so on and on and on..............

Actually speaking the list is endless. College life has no substitute. I read a blog of a friend of mine who has just about finished his college. It surely is that time of the year when college will for once be really missed. I guess this is just the first of many such posts that I may end up posting.!!!!!!!


Monday, April 7, 2008


The race was very intense. It was going to be a photo finish. I was sure that these kind of races were very competitive and were held all around the world. The only drawback of such races was that it never received any media coverage. Well how will you expect media coverage for races involving you and the second hand of the clock!!!!!!
This was a daily scenario at my house during my school days. The bell would ring precisely at 11.15 and the gates would be closed at 11.20. The hour hand had passed 11, twelve minutes ago and the second hand was racing towards completing the 13th minute and, I was racing against the second hand. I was trying to put on my shoes and at the same time searching for the house keys. My parents would go off to work by 8.30, and locking up the house and leaving for school was my resposibility. That fortunate day was the begining of the adventure that I am writing about. We stayed in an apartment. There were about 7 buildings with 4 floors each and each of the buildings housed around 50 odd flats. Our flat was on the Ist floor and on that particular day I was running extremely late for school and I had managed to lose the house keys. Was it due to the fact that I was late or was it due to the fact that I was careless. The reason is not known, but that day I ran out of the house and pulled the door behind me without the keys.

The adventure started when I reached back home. Fortunately that day I had left our balcony door open. I made my way around the building and surveyed my chances of climbing my way into the house. Believe it or not there was no shortage of an audience to watch a monkey climb to his house. I took permisison from the ground floor people and started the ascent to my balcony.I made my way up the grills of their balcony and found myself on the perch or slab just below my window. The height of the window was just a little too high for me to climb on to. And to my good luck there was this pipe running exactly in the middle of the perch and the window sledge. I climbed on to the sledge using the pipe as the support and then jumped onto my open balcony.
MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!!!!!!! I can bet that I have left a mark of my achievement by bending a straight passing pipe into a U-tube!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After this feat I was looking forward to doing such antics every now and again. It became a sort of pass-time for me. Actually it even extended to doing crazy stuffs like going from one balcony to the other hanging from the windows and climbing up and down the skylight of the buildings.

Well why am I writing about this at this unearthly hour??[It shows 12.30 but its actually close to 2.30 in the morning]...Today being the begining of the new year (UGADI), the festivities at my house was quite big. Festivals have their own significance in peoples lives. But when it comes to people like me festivals mean sweets, holiday and an appetite that increases exponentially because of the variety of food prepared. Today was no different. I am stuffed till my throat and being a holiday I fell asleep in the morning. So here I am posting this blog without even a hint of sleep in my eyes. I was standing in my balcony sometime back watching the man trying to climb onto the poles tied up as ladders in the opposite building. He was preparing for somebodys marriage tomorrow I guess. So now you know from where the theme of this blog originated. Every event is like a chain in the memory which keeps linking one event to the other. I am signing off here with more on links coming soon. Till then wish everyone of you a very very Happy Ugadi.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

An international affair!!!!!!

The internet connection was slow at this time of the night. I could imagine the thousands of users sharing the same bandwidth along with me. I could imagine the majority of them trying to download movies or songs or other multimedia files. There were probably hundreds of others chatting,or playing online games and so on. All this while my browser was still showing the dreaded and the most irritating status in the internet jargon. It was still showing Loading......

I resolved myself for another few minutes wait. Waiting to see the status change from Loading....I was waiting for the page to reveal its contents. Finally the page loaded and its contents was revelaed. It was similar to the opening of the screen in the theater before a movie starts. I was expecting to see the monotonous status of my application. Expecting that it would say
Decision Awaiting
To the Dept for Review.

I could not believe my eyes at first when I saw that the decision had been made and the decision was an admit. It was like a mirage. I was half expecting it to just vanish. But there it was. Finally after a loooooooong wait I had received an admit into a University. It was time for celebrations.

That is how the picture should be at the moment right??
Well all thanks to the basic fact that we are all humans that am afraid is not the scenario now. I have got an admit true, but being a human I still have the desire to want more. Its natural for human beings or even animals to want more. I want more.Having received an admit for one university now,I want to get hold of another admit to another university. Its pretty obvious that people want the best things in life. I am still hoping for admits from universities that are a few rungs above the university that I have got an admit for. There is a thin line of difference for wanting more for yourself and being greedy. This is a situation of being both. So for the time being the
Wait continues......................

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Its been more than a month. The wait is getting to my mind. Its the dreaded wait and the feeling of walking on the edge of the sword. There comes a time in peoples lives when they feel like doing nothing at all. By nothing I mean literally nothing. Its been more than three months and I am still waiting for the so called ticket for an MS. Yes the all so important admit to any university. Sometimes the wait just gets to me. Especially when I realize that friends of mine have already received an admit. Questions keep popping into my head. I keep wondering whether I will be able to go for a post graduation. There is a certain kind of feeling that makes me feel that I am good enough and capable enough of doing a PG. But again there is this other feeling and also the acceptance of the harsh reality that I may not be so worthy after all. Reason----No admit till date.

Its pretty unbelievable when just a small little piece of paper holds so much of importance in ones life. Its not the end of the world if I do not get an admit. But it will be the same as throwing away all the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle and starting all over again from the scratch. On the other hand just one A4 sized sheet holds the key to completing the jigsaw puzzle at the moment. It will be like all the pieces falling into their respective places automatically once I receive the admit. I guess hope is the only driving factor at this point of time. I am still hoping for the best. But as for now the wait just continues.....................................................